Defenders of the People

This book is the first in a series and has been four years in the making. I started writing it in 2010 and am still working on the third in the series.

Bear went into the mountains and found himself a woman to love and two kids to raise. After six years of love and security near the small town of Nettleton those two kids – Tof and Bri – have gathered a small group of friends – Benry, Alex, Liza, Molly, and Bic – to aid them in their quest.

Criminals, rapists come to the town and ravage two small girls. Seeing the injustice the friends take matters into their own hands and hunt them down. Bringing the rapists to justice, Tof and Bri risk all they have as they are fugitives from the council and have been for fifteen years.

Setting aside their own safety, they forge forward to defend the people of their small village and other villages nearby. Using their abilities in magic, sword fighting, as archers, and trackers, they bring criminals to justice in the small villages and towns in their small province.

The small group of friends become known as the Defenders. They fight and assist the villages to make life easier and safer. They become the Defenders of the People.

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