Mood Matches the Weather

Exhaustion doesn't cover how I felt after the move for my daughter.  It was a lot of driving, stress, and drama.  However, she's in her apartment and working on getting settled.Unfortunately for me, the drama doesn't stop.  We paid Home Depot for them to install new doors.  Ten days ago we went in but hadn't … Continue reading Mood Matches the Weather

Asking for Money?

If you are calling me to ask for money, you should at the very least have all your information together.  I got a call from a university to make a donation.  I told the person three times I had no funds for donating.  She said they weren’t asking for a donation but a gift.  If … Continue reading Asking for Money?

Yarn and Customer Service

I’ve waxed poetic about yarn and how much I enjoy working with it.  I recently bought a skein of yarn to make an order fit a minimum to get free shipping.  I looked at it online and said well that looks interesting and it isn’t too expensive.  When my order came in and I got … Continue reading Yarn and Customer Service