Balancing Act

My searches in Wayfarer 8 are done.  Now I have to do a read through before I print for an edit.  I’ve also gotten about 15,000 words into Wayfarer 10.

My middle daughter sent me a blog from one of her favorite authors about how to handle being stuck in a story.  It was interesting and gave me some ideas for the Defenders series.  I’m hoping it will help me move forward with the story.  It’s ironic, I started this story in 2010 and couldn’t get it down on paper fast enough.  I saw the whole story at the time.  I still do.  My problem is getting from the point I’m at to the next step.  Once I figure out how I move forward, the scenes all but write themselves.  I think I’m just getting hung up on the transitions.

Last night Ken went to bed very early so I watched a Midsomer Murder episode and worked on another ruffle scarf.  I wasn’t quite done with it when the episode was done but I finished and moved on to writing.

Work has been busy.  I’ve gotten a lot done in this week.  It certainly makes the days go faster.  It also feels good to get stuff accomplished.  I love crossing things off my to do list.

Tonight will probably be more of the same.  Saturday I’m going to Madison with my sister to do a painting thing.  I’ll see how it turns out.  I’m not great at painting but I enjoy it so much I keep working at it.

I’m going to a place I’ve never been.  I’m concerned about being comfortable and able to get around in there.  There’s always this what if they aren’t handicap friendly or my scooter will cause more problems or…. the list goes on.  I’m taking it on faith I’ll be able to get in and be comfortable.  I’ll see how it goes.

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