Busy, Busy, Busy

Yesterday I came home from work, paid bills, worked on editing, and booked a date for going to Paint Nite.  Ken and I had our normal Friday night meal of Toppers pizza and he went to bed.  I tried to settle into something but couldn’t.  I finally decided to watch some training I’m trying to knock out.  Doesn’t this sound like an overly exciting way to spend a Friday night?

Today, I went through coupons and wrote up a grocery list, made a fleece blanket with a crocheted edging, helped my mom, ran errands, watched two movies and crocheted, worked on pulling quotes

from books to use for marketing.  It’s 10:30 and I’m ready to crash for the night.

The blanket is fleece – Packer pattern – which I crocheted around with some funky yarn.  I think the edging turned out nicely and I’m pleased with the result.  Believe it or not, this is a simple single crochet around the blanket.  It’s the yarn that makes the funky pattern.

Ken’s been sick all week and taking the time to watch those two movies was good for both of us.  He got rest instead of doing yard work.  I got to crochet (and maybe take a mini nap).  The afghan I’m working in is gorgeous.  I’m loving the color combination and the pattern.  I’ve got a number of projects going with none of them making it to the final stage (until I finished Ken’s blanket today).  It’s been hard to crochet but today I just pushed through it and did the crocheting.  My mind seemed to settle and go to a place where it needed to.

I was able to settle into the marketing task I needed to work on.  It isn’t done.  I still need to do more but at least I made progress.  Normally I’m up late, working on something.  Tonight I may actually go to bed early – well for me.

Tomorrow, I plan to work publishing a short story and more of the marketing things.  I also want to watch more of the training which I believe I’ll be able to crochet while I watch.  I’ll have to see what Ken wants to get up to but I want to crochet so long as my arm isn’t hurting.

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