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Thank you, Eileen for having me as a guest on your wonderful Dragon’s Den Blog.

AVA Bounces Back
Ava in my latest romance novel, Joshua, had to deal with a breakup of sorts that was devastating for her. Black Velvet Seductions included her love story entitled, AVA, in the Cowboy Desire Romance Anthology along with so many other wonderful stories from talented BVS authors. Here’s some words of wisdom about recovering from and unexpected break like Ava had to do from the relationship specialist Stefanos Sifandos.

Getting Over A Breakup
Stefanos Sifandos Relationship Specialist wrote an article and included a video on how to recover from an unexpected breakup. If you know someone going through this or if you’re a writer you may find this information helpful. Stefanos goes over of these six steps to help with a break-up:
1.) Feel your feelings.
2.) Create space for yourself.
3.) Seek support.
4.) Create and find your story around the relationship. Don’t polarize.
5.) Reclaim yourself and your power.
6.) Have fun
I’ve included the link so you can learn about each of these steps in great detail by Stefanos at:

I hope you enjoy the excerpt below from my romance story, Ava, about her
lost love and how she’s doing all she can to move on with her life.

AVA Excerpt
by Callie Carmen
from the Cowboy Desire Anthology


I’d been a fool pining over Joshua. I’d been in love with the man since I was twelve years old. I had barely dated in college knowing that it was Josh I wanted when the time was right. After I graduated, I had even followed him to Michigan. When he’d told me he had fallen in love with another woman, I had been sick to my stomach for days. I’d quit my job and moved back home to Kentucky where my heart belonged. I’d promised myself I’d never fall for another man. Dating sure. But love no way. There would be no more wasted time and heartache in my life.

At least something good had come out of my friendship with Josh. I’d banked away over forty thousand dollars while I had house sat for him when he was overseas on an ex-pat assignment. I’d used it as a down payment for the home my contractor Ryan was building. I now had a mortgage to worry about, and I was counting on my full-time art business to cover expenses. I prayed that it would be enough so I wouldn’t have to go back to being a bookkeeper part-time.

A truck was coming up the long gravel driveway as I stepped out of the barn. Ryan was in the driver’s seat, but who was the black-haired hunk riding shotgun? Ryan parked, got out of the truck and we gave each other a hug. “How are you, Ms. Ava?”

“I’m right as rain and more than ready to get this show on the road.” I smiled.

“Glad to hear it. As promised, we are finishing the upstairs of your art studio in the barn today.”

The other door shut, and I peeked around Ryan’s shoulder. A tall man holding a cowboy hat stared at me with steely, cold gray eyes that made me shiver. I crossed my arms to warm myself.

I bobbed my head to the left, and Ryan turned.

“Who’s your friend?” I asked.

“Colton, this is Ava Kinkaid. Ava, this is my brother, Colton Maples.”

He tipped his hat but didn’t say a word.

“You said you were looking for a professional to take over the framing of your artwork, since you had to leave the other one behind in Michigan. Colton’s your man.”

He was gorgeous, but his contemptuous snort let me know there was a coolness to him. It was nice of Ryan to help me out. However, I didn’t think I could work with someone as aloof as his brother seemed. Have sex with? Yes. I’d been in a dry spell for over a year and it had gotten so bad that I’d named my vibrators. There was Griffin the mythological beast; he rocked my G-spot every time. And Dante the broody inferno; he always rubbed my clit until I couldn’t breathe. My body heated.

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26 thoughts on “Callie Carmen

  1. Great blog, I have always loved the stories of Callie Carmen, for me, her characters hop off the page. I have followed this band of characters over the Risking Love series. As always each story leaves me hungry for more. I love the featured audio clip, what a great voice.
    Thank you for featuring this blog Eileen

  2. I plan on reading the Cowboy Desire Anthology this weekend. Can’t wait to find out more about Ava and Colton.

    1. Suzanne, Good morning. I think you are in for a great weekend. Cowboy Desire is full of awesome stories. I loved your Bullets and Bustles story. I haven’t finished them all yet, but so far they are all wonderful.❤️

  3. I loved the break-up tips! Callie is a talented author, and I always learn something when I read her books.

    1. Good morning, Gibby. What a nice thing to say. I’m assuming in this case you mean about the rodeo. Thank goodness my research paid off. I am so glad. I can’t wait to read The Wyoming Way.❤️

  4. Good morning, Eileen. Your Dragon’s Den Blog looks wonderful as always. Thank you so much for having me. I’m looking forward to reading Mail Order Mate the title alone sounds awesome.

  5. Great blog! I really enjoyed the excerpt and would love to know more about what Coltan and Ava get up to…

  6. Oh, Callie, that’s a great snippet you gave us. I also enjoyed seeing the info you shared about what to do when we’ve lost a love. Something different from an author and much appreciated. I bought the anthology. It’s sitting on an end table in my TV room now. I just need to find time for the reading. I’ll definitely start with Ava.

    1. Thank you for picking up a copy of Cowboy Desire there are so many great stories in it. I’m so happy you enjoyed the excerpt. I can’t wait to hear what you think of Ava.

  7. Great post Callie! I loved Ava’s story and I agree Cowboy Desire is the strongest BVS anthology so far!

    1. Hi Alice,
      Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed Ava. I loved Space Cowboy Blues. I just finished that one last night. Great way to go off to sleep in a fantasy world.❤️

    1. Hi Annabel,
      Ha ha. I so know that you do. I know how you felt about her. Her mistake was turning her puppy love into the real thing. Then thinking that it would finally happen for them when Joshua came home from the UK for good. Let’s see if she grows up and moves on.❤️
      Thank you,

  8. I LOVED Ava! She was such a… well, a very rude person in ‘Joshua’. But jilted love will do that to a gal. I was excited to see her move past her unrequited crush and into a more fulfilling relationship!

    1. Hi Virginia,
      It’s all about growing up and timing in life. You never know when you’re going to find the one. Usually, when you’re not looking for them.❤️ Maybe then we can relax and just live in the experience feeling all that true love does to our emotions. So different then a childhood crush.
      Thank you,

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