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Cass Ford and I met through social media. She writes sexy, steamy stories. You might want to distract the kiddos before you read this one!

Author Bio

Smut writer Cass Ford began creating smoldering male protagonists when she was five years old and convinced her aunt that she had a hot and heavy kindergarten boyfriend. In grade school, she penned tales on her parents’ typewriter and by middle school sold her own love and gossip magazines to friends. As a preteen at sleepover camp, Cass often told playful, steamy bedtime stories to her bunkmates.

After earning her Bachelor of Journalism degree and several TV/film certificates, Cass continued to hone her passion for storytelling as a development producer for broadcast news and unscripted television. Born and raised in Canada, she now resides in California.

Tell us about yourself.

Hi! I’m Cass, a sex-positive smut writer.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

I’m not sure when it all clicked. I’ve been telling stories since before I could write. As soon as I could write, I put stories to paper. But I was probably a pre-teen or teen before I realized I wanted to be an author.

What genres do you like to read?  Are these the same genres you write in?

My favorite genre is actually historical fiction. I also love reading books from past decades, the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s… But I always write in present day. I can’t imagine all the research I’d have to put into writing a smutty period piece. I’d probably have to ask my grandmother for erotic slang from her day. Although she read Prince of Sin, that’s still a conversation I don’t want to have.

Is your book for adults, young adults or children?

Adults! My sixteen-year-old cousin wants to read it, but we’re having her wait until she’s eighteen.

What is your current release or project? 

Prince of Sin! It’s an erotic romance and my debut novel. It’s a love story between a gossip writer/vlogger and a porn star! Prince of Sin is available in eBook and paperback. And by the time this interview is released, the audiobook should be out too.

Tell us about the key characters.

My two protagonists are Morgan Sidney, a vlogger for a Hollywood gossip website who longs to find more meaningful work. And Chase Prince, the biggest porn star in town (a.k.a. the Prince of Sin). Morgan hates pornography for very personal reasons, so when she gets assigned the Prince of Sin’s breakup for work, she doesn’t expect to be so intrigued…

What is your blurb or synopsis of the book?

When savvy gossip vlogger Morgan Sidney gets assigned the breakup of porn’s most illustrious couple, she strikes a deal with her boss—if she scores an exclusive, she’ll get promoted. So when the famous and flirtatious Prince of Sin offers to fulfill her three wildest sex fantasies, Morgan must decide whether she’ll keep things professional or surrender and explore her sensual side.

As someone who despises the media, why is Chase Prince spending time with a reporter? Clearly, he’s intrigued. But can a scorched sinner—and the biggest smut star around—let a fierce civilian enter his domain?

Prince of Sin takes readers beyond Tinseltown’s glossy Hollywood Hills to Silicone Valley—for a behind-the-scenes look at a sometimes bleak, always risqué world.

Share an excerpt.

Acknowledging the room, Morgan found numerous colleagues staring. Who could blame their intrigue as the Prince of Sin stood by her cubicle, attempting to flirt? To avoid a dramatic scene, Morgan clasped his bicep, which literally bulged, so she opted for his forearm and guided him toward the conference room.

“Who’s Barbie Blue?” he asked.

“My pseudonym,” she whispered. Barbie was her deceased paternal grandmother, the resilient single mother who’d raised her father. And blue was simply her favorite color. “I don’t need my respected family to learn I’m covering the seediest biz on earth.”

Chase furrowed his brow as Morgan pulled him inside and shut a solid wooden door. “Don’t you have someplace to be?” she asked. “Teenagers lined up to sit on your face?”

Her sass made his dick twinge. Attempting to ignore it, he skipped to the point. “Your fact checker called my agent. Could you not use that one Viola Emperor quote? The one I said off record?”

“Funny,” she stated. “I specified that everything was on record.”

Determined to negotiate, he attempted an adorable, pouty baby face. “Please. I beg, I plead.”

“Oh, all right!” Morgan agreed facetiously, eyes bright.

Reading her perky, exaggerated expression, he asked, “Really?”

“No,” she chortled.

His pout deepened.

“Ech. Do girls actually fall for that?” She pinched his cheek condescendingly. “Darling, you’re cute as a button. But we’re done here.” As she grabbed the doorknob, he tried to stop her by placing a firm, strong hand over hers. Morgan paused with a shiver and gnawed her lower lip. Chase noticed her nibbling and grinned, delighting in her reaction to his touch. She blinked rapidly and whipped her hand free.

“I could lose my job,” Chase begged.

“Oh no! The Prince of Sin will lose his loyal following of horny adolescent girls,” Morgan mocked. “That quote makes you sound sharp.”

“Sounding sharp isn’t something I care about.”

“It’s not?”

“I care about remaining employed,” he explained. “And that quote puts my career at stake.”

“My career’s at stake too,” she said. “My boss is a dick. And I deserve a promotion.”

His dick twitched again. Her drive excited him, confusingly because he also couldn’t stand her.

“My idiot fact checker shouldn’t have mentioned that clip. Stupid interns.”

Chase clasped her shoulder. “That sounds stressful, Morgan.”

Inhaling deeply, she breathed in his refreshingly sudsy scent. Her name flowed from his mouth like honey dripping from a spoon, sugary and inviting, though not sweet enough to pull the best quote.

He massaged her neck from behind. “It must be stressful for a smart, sexy career woman to deal with idiot interns and a dickhead boss.”

“Yes, it is.” Morgan unwound as his sturdy thumb expertly loosened a shoulder blade knot. “I don’t understand how these morons get promoted and I—” She inhaled his spearmint toothpaste with a touch of whiskey and wondered if the booze was remnants from a fresh morning pick-me-up or a wild night out. Spotting his hand on her shoulder, she bit her lip. A tiny, curious part of her considered succumbing to his intoxicating spell and expert fingers. But her sensibilities prevailed. She harrumphed hotly and scowled.

Chase threw his arms back defensively but refused to step away. “I’m innocent,” he feigned.

“Until proven guilty,” she suggested.

He inched closer, backing her into the door. “I’ll make you a deal.”

“You have nothing I desire.”

“Not even sex in public?” he answered, planting his hands on either side of her head. “That seems like something you desperately desire.”

She bit her lip again.

“And your colleagues are right outside.” His face inched closer, like an erotically charged magnet. “I’d gladly explore your top three fantasies.”

“Top three?” Morgan hollered boisterously. “What are you, a genie?”

“Only if you’ll rub my magic lamp,” he said with a wink.

She wanted to huff and sneer with a bitchy side-eye while cackling in his face. But her treacherous clit craved attention. It took every ounce of willpower not to nibble his full lower lip just an inch away. Determined, she ducked under his arm and moved aside. To refrain from literally swooning, she leaned on the conference table.

His prying eyes scanned her trim figure. “You should probably get back to those hundred things,” he said, twisting the doorknob. “Here’s my personal number.” Chase handed over a business card. “Maybe we can continue this sometime. Depending on what you decide to post, of course.”

He exited, leaving her to catch a shaky breath.

Do you have a favorite scene?

I haven’t been asked this yet, what a great question. Chapter 16, the Christmas party at Morgan’s parent’s house. Initially, I’d written this scene as more dramatic. But after sharing it with my writer’s group, everybody’s feedback was that it was a chance to really add some comedy. So I did and I’m so proud of how it turned out.

What advice would you give a beginner?

Success is half luck and half hard work—so work hard, but don’t beat yourself up over the setbacks.

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