Chapter Done

Chapter 10 is finally done! Tonight I was writing and things were going better than I expected but research distracted me. Then I scheduled some promo events and one thing led to another.

Fortunately, I still wrote nearly 1700 words. I finished off the chapter with some sexy time teasers. I’ve got the ideas for the first three sections of the next chapter and I’ve written the ideas in the manuscript. From there we’ll see what the characters decide.

The good thing is I’m at 52,600 for total word count. My chapters are running around 5-6K so this should be about 58K by the time I’m done. I know she will be hurt… maybe bad enough to die. I’m not sure yet. Bad guy will be revealed. All the details aren’t clear yet – but this is normal for me.

I know what the second book will involve, I’m just not sure how it will start yet. While this first book has to end on a happy for now, I also want it clear she’s not all in. He is and in book two, he’ll prove it.

Tomorrow is an in office day for work so I have to get to bed shortly. I doubt I’ll do much writing over the next two days, I’m usually in too much pain. However, I’ll see how the days go.

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