Cleaned up

My living room has been filled with craft projects and all the accessories which go with the craft projects.  Over the weekend I finished seven projects and got started on an eighth one.  I am hoping to finish this one tonight.  Last night I could barely keep my eyes open to work on it.

I took time to put away four bags of yarn and still have one more to put away though I’m waiting for Vicki to be home so she can check out the goodies I have in there.

Two of the ponchos are for my mom.  She bought the material and I just crocheted around it for her.  Hopefully she likes them.  She’ll let me know.

The baskets are for the kids of one of my faculty.  Her oldest son asked me for an orange one and I made it.  Then her other kids asked me for some so here they are.  I’m sure they will enjoy them.

The green poncho and the headband is for Vicki.  I’ll see if she likes them.  If not, maybe I’ll keep them.  I can already hear her saying “They are MINE, mom!!!”  I have to tease her because I can.  She wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t.

I thought I was making progress on the projects and then Ken washed all the material Vicki and I bought after Thanksgiving.  This means I have another large basket of projects.  When Vicki is home, I’ll prioritize them and see what she wants done first.  Then it will be a matter of spending time with her while I craft and she reads.

Finishing these projects did clear off a number of things on my to do list but I still have forty or so on my to do for crocheting only but I haven’t added the fabric items which need to be done.  I’ll be adding those to her list and some to my non-Vicki list for other people.

I like seeing the items get done.  I like accomplishing things and seeing the pretty things done and ready.  It’s also wonderful to see people’s faces when I give them their stuff and they are delighted.  I just have to balance all the crafting with all the other aspects of my life.

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