Club Wonderland – Anonymous book 1

by Jules Hunter

The word Anonymous has different meanings for different people. For me it’s the ability to finally be free.

The rules were simple when I met them six long years ago. No names. No personal questions. And masks or blindfolds must be worn at all times. But most importantly safe words have to be used.

What started as a need for pain management soon grew into love. Every time I feel their touch I fall a little more.

Now my happiness is being threatened. My father betrayed me in death, giving not only his territory to our sworn enemies but also the hand of his only daughter.

Forced to marry a murder loving man I loath he uses the only thing that would make me comply. Threatening the men I love.

We had agreed to stay anonymous but knowing I may never see them again has changed everything. I need to feel their touch one last time before I say my final goodbye.

Tomorrow I become the mafia bride I never wanted to be.
Tonight, I’ll enter Wonderland and play the Queen Of Hearts one last time.

Authors Note

This story will be the first book in a multi-author shared world.
This book has also been inspired by Jules real life experiences however the names and the ending have been changed, in order to protect those involved.

Anonymous is a BDSM, mafia, why choose, short story with light M/M scenes where the FMC is made the main focus. If you enjoyed it, click the link below to find other contemporary, why choose, books by Jules and Hunter.

All of our stories have a little of our real life experiences sprinkled in. Some good, some bad, some truly terrifying. All do come with trigger warnings.

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4 thoughts on “Club Wonderland – Anonymous book 1

  1. I loved this action-packed story. It introduces the exciting and dynamic multi-author shared world of Club Wonderland. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for Aisling and her Doms. I hope Jules Hunter tells us more of their story in an upcoming release.

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