Club Wonderland – Escape to Wonderland book 2

by KC Savage

Welcome to Wonderland

I’ve made a mistake or two, which nearly cost me everything.
I begged her to give me one more chance. I’ll do anything for her.

He cheated twice, nearly destroying me,
But I don’t walk away. I don’t give up on our marriage.
Taking a chance on something completely out of my element, I make a date night for us at Club Wonderland.
I’ll make him pay for the pain he caused me and make him see who I really am.

4 thoughts on “Club Wonderland – Escape to Wonderland book 2

  1. KC Savage brings her unique writing style and devious characters to the Club Wonderland shared world, which is a treat for her fans. Those who love to explore the taboo and cheating tropes will love this one.

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