Yesterday at work I was working on reviewing the web site.  This is involved as I have to read every page and click on every link to make sure everything works properly.  Then I have to send an email to the web guy with any corrections.  As I’m working on the web site I think to myself it would be great if a couple of my faculty would come in before I’m done because I really need to ask questions of them. 
Well you can probably guess what happens.  The faculty I needed to talk to suddenly appeared in my office.  I got my answers and I was able to send the correct information to the web guy. 
A day or so ago I was thinking to myself I could use another editing job.  I have the time and the money would help out a lot this month.  Yesterday I got a call from someone out of the blue who wants me to work with him on editing.  I sent him an estimate today. 
Is this coincidence or synchronicity?  Perhaps it is. One way or the other it was fortunate that both happened.  I’m thankful for the occurrences.  For me these were all passing thoughts.  If I had to put into words what happened, I was working on the web site and reviewing a section and the thought flitted through my head – I have to ask this faculty member or that one if this is okay.  It is summer and most of the faculty are off contract so I don’t see much of them.  I didn’t seriously think I would see any of them.  Then my door opens and in pops one I needed to see. 
The same occurred with the editing work.  I cannot pinpoint in my head when I had the thought but at some point this week I thought to myself that I could use another editing job.  Then out of the blue I get a call for work.  I also got a call about payment from other work I did. 
Apparently somehow I’m tapping into the universal energy and drawing in what I need.  I’m very grateful for this happening and  hope I can keep the momentum going.   

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