Coupons, Crocheting, and Book Sales

Ken did the grocery shopping this morning and saved over $9.  We went through yesterday and made the list partially based on the coupons I had.  Every little bit helps when it comes to the budget.  Today I have to get envelopes ready for the people I’ve clipped coupons for and get them out in the mail tomorrow. 
I got a start on Moon Affirmations yesterday.  I’m now working with the images and trying to figure out the best way to get them into the document.  It is a challenge.  I am also looking at how they look in the manuscript and if that is what I want.  It is time consuming and complicated.
When I had to give up working on the computer, I worked on graduation gifts.  I have one nearly done.  I have one more small thing to make and then I’ll move on to the next person’s gift.  I also have to go through my lovely stash and find material to create a baby gift.  These are always fun to make and give as it helps the new parents celebrate the coming of new life! 
Today I’m planning to watch tv and crochet.  I woke up tired so I’m going to take it easy and now do very much other than crochet.  It will be a very peaceful day I hope.

Book sales are steady.  I’ve sold 17 books since I published.  I’m ridiculously happy about it.  It seems sort of silly after all it is most likely just people who I know.  However, it is the accomplishment of a lifelong dream to have a book out there.  I’m proud of finally getting it done and grateful for all the support I’ve had from friends and family. 

Secret Past
Available for sale at:
*  Paperback version both large print and regular print: 

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