Creativeness and Entrepreneurship

My daughters are all very creative in different ways.  Whether this is a genetic thing passed down through the generations or a learned thing I don’t know.  My great grandfather had a creative business of painting buggies.  He was one of the few in the area who did gold leaf.  I’ve talked about my grandmothers on both sides being creative. 
The problem with being creative is that is it almost a compulsion.  I create because I have to and love to – whether it is crocheting or writing.  I am pretty sure my daughters would say the same.  They have a passion and belief in what they are doing. 
There are people who appreciate the skill and beauty created by the creativeness, however, it is not financially rewarding for most.  This leads to the entrepreneurial aspect that goes along with creativeness.  All of my daughters have a business going for their products – Simply Natural by Vicki and StephanieRose Custom. 
Patience and persistence are two skills most needed when being an entrepreneur.  It is difficult to build a following but if you keep your name out there and keep people coming back then hopefully sales will start happening.  Additionally you have to keep working at building your following through social media and other marketing.  You can’t give up and you have to keep plugging away at it.  Regardless of the endeavor, these skills are important for developing your brand and making it successful. 
Here is the shameless promotion for my daughters…

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