Ever have one of those nights where you know it will do no good to go to bed because you just aren’t going to sleep?  Tuesday night was one of those nights for me.  For me, I was headed to bed at a reasonable hour – Vicki had gone to bed and I came out from the bathroom.  I heard a noise like someone pushing on a door or the wind rattling a door.  A little creepy but not disturbing until Sasha (the house guarding cat) sat down in front of the door looking at the door like she was expecting someone to walk in.  She does this when she knows someone is at the door.

I called Vicki to tell her Sasha was being creepy.  Then Sasha dashed to her tower – now normally she goes all the way to the top and stares out at her “kitty vision” but she stopped on the second tier and stared out sidewalk in front of our and appeared to watch something/someone walk towards the garage (away from the door). 

At this point Vicki is coming back upstairs and checking all the doors (one had been left unlocked) and closing any curtains.  I’m feeling a lot more creeped out.  We are having the discussion of should I call the cops or not?  When our motion detector light on the garage goes off.  I still haven’t seen anyone but that light you have to be fairly tall and fairly close for it to go off.  Then about five minutes later the neighbor’s motion detector light across the street (kiddy corner from us – directly across from the drug busted house) goes off. 

I picked up my phone and called the police.  I told the dispatcher I didn’t want to be a nervous – I stayed up too late woman who was hearing odd things but here is what happened.  She said an officer had been dispatched. 

Now the police have raided the house next door twice.  They also sneak through our yard to get to their backyard and use our trees for cover.  Want to know how reassuring that isn’t?  So the police are well aware of our neighbors. 

We had two very nice police officers stop in to tell us they had checked around the house, the cars, and the neighborhood.  One went out while the other took information for the report.  They were very nice and reassuring. 

Unfortunately, I was already creeped out and for the rest of the night every time there was a noise I woke up.  It was not a restful night at all but fortunately nothing more than a bit of a creeped out feeling.

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