Crochet Weekend

Today is going to be a crochet day.  I think I have three episodes of Midsomer Murders left so I’ll probably finish off those while I work on crocheting.  My goal this weekend is to finish some socks and work on a blanket.  If I manage to finish all of those, I’ll look again at the list of themes for the publication I submit to.

It’s going to be a rough day for me.  I’ve had very little sleep though I did turn in early (especially for me).  I woke up at 1:45 and haven’t really been back to sleep since.  I see a nap in my future.

Once I get these projects done, I do want to look at the themes and see what I come up with for other crochet projects I can submit for consideration.  Since I’ve been finishing up Wayfarer Resolve, I’ve not looked at them in a couple weeks.

Now Wayfarer Resolve is done, I’m working on rereading a manuscript I was working on.  I’m hoping I can finish it.  I’m also in prep mode for the reader event next month – holy mackerel it four weeks from today!  This weekend I want to do an inventory of books so I can order any I may need for the event.

I’ve got a couple crochet patterns I want to work on so I can publish them as well.  This is mostly getting them in the right format and then once I publish put them post them on Ravelry as well.

Well I’m off to work on slipper socks.  Since it’s gray and gloomy outside, it’s a perfect day to stay inside and crochet.

2 thoughts on “Crochet Weekend

  1. Thank you – I love crocheting. I learned when I was twelve and have learned something new regularly. Reading, writing and crocheting – these keep me sane (or as close to it as I come).

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