Crocheting and Charmed

Last night after Ken went to bed, I watched Charmed and crocheted.  I spent the night watching the season with the Avatars.  I’ve been rewatching this program because it was a good program and I enjoy it.  While I watched, I worked on a wrap for Virginia and a blanket for Stephanie.

The wrap turned out beautifully as you can see.  I spent less than $5 on the materials.  I spent a few hours creating and it is gorgeous.  I hope Virginia likes it.

I’m still working on Stephanie’s.  She wants an eight row border which I got through half of last night.  When I’m done on the computer, I’ll be working on it this afternoon and evening.  I’m hoping she’ll be able to take both with her when she goes home.

This morning I made garbage soup for lunch and I’m hoping I’ll have enough left to take for lunches this week.  Ken went grocery shopping so we’ve been doing this Ibotta app where you can get rebates based on your purchases.  For us it isn’t a lot of money but I’ll take what I can get.  Ken also saved over $8 in coupons.

Ken’s watching football.  I’ll be crocheting and watching Charmed.  It isn’t an exciting life but I’m not complaining.  It will be peaceful and calm and quiet.

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