Day 3 (or maybe 7) of Captivity

Three weeks ago, my gout started acting up.  I did my normal precautions of increasing the amount of cherry juice I was taking in, doubling up my meds and so on.  Last week I was looking forward to the short week because it meant I could spend time off my foot and really take care of it.  Thursday I made stuffing and helped Vicki a little in the kitchen but mostly I was a bum and sat in the recliner.  Friday and Saturday – same thing.  Recliner bound.  Saturday I actually felt like thins were improving.  Walking wasn’t so painful and I could manage more tasks on my own.  I thought GOOD – I’m finally healing and getting better. 

Sunday I wake up and my foot is hurting a lot.  I’m thinking oh I just need to take my meds and then it will be back to where it was yesterday.  Nope.  It got worse.  I got up Monday and couldn’t put any pressure on my foot.  I was still determined to go to work. I have a lot of responsibilities and no time to be off work.  I didn’t make it to work.  I called the doctor and made an appointment.
Tuesday I was going to go to work, class and then the doctor’s appointment.  That didn’t happen.  I got up and tried to go but by the time I was dressed I was in serious pain and just couldn’t see how I was going to manage with my foot down all day.   
Vicki went off to the library and to have lunch with Beth.  She came back and took me to the doctor.  The drive in was HELL on my foot.  The doctor was not happy with my foot at all.  She changed my meds and included an antibiotic.  She thought about putting me in the hospital for IV antibiotics but gave me a week off of work and strict instructions instead. 
Thursday and I’ve been confined to the recliner.  Vicki is watching over me (she is the warden) and taking excellent care of me.  The drugs seem to be working.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that by next Tuesday when I have to go back I’ll be better.  The doctor actually found two drugs I didn’t have any allergic reaction to. 
The good news – I finished an afghan in a week.  I’ve watched a lot of DVDs and DVR programs.  I’ve also gotten a lot of homework done.  I’ve also had offers of help from a number of wonderful people who are all concerned for me.  That has been wonderful and heartwarming. 
I’m starting day 3 of the doctor’s enforced captivity but I was already staying recliner bound so an argument could be made for this being the 7th day of my confinement.
Today will be interesting as I plan to try to shower.  I also have to pay bills and hopefully get a story submitted to a contest.  I’m thinking a nap might be useful too.  It will come as no surprise that I have a list of things I want to get done but to be honest now that I’ve written my blog, I think taking a nap may be top of my list. 

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