Done – Next?

Well I finished off Beth’s shawl.  It turned out amazing.  There are pictures of it below.  It is incredibly soft and beautiful.  The four ending rows were okay to do but the last one was a bit of a pain.  It took me just as long to do the fourth row as it did the other three rows combined.  However, it was well worth the effort and time.

Now I’m moving on to other items for holiday gifts for my faculty and student workers.  No I’m not telling as some of them read my blog.  However, they are shorter projects which I can do in one sitting of a couple of hours. 

Yesterday I worked all day on Beth’s shawl.  Today I’ve been working on budget (yuck) and shortly I’m going to suggest we watch movies so I can spend a relaxing last day at home before I go back to work tomorrow. 

I’ve been tempted to look at my work email to see if there were a lot but I already know there were so I’m going to just wait for tomorrow.  That is tomorrow though and today I’m hoping to spend a bit of time just relaxing, crocheting, spending time with Vicki and Ken, and watching movies.

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