Driven by Desire

By Rita Delude

Ashley Gage sells out her half of G & J’s Renovations business to her partner, Rex Johnson, and leaves town after an ugly breakup with her husband of six years, who cheated on her.

She settles in the town of Nashua, New Hampshire and purchases an old Victorian house that needs lots of elbow grease, tender loving care, and talent to bring it back to the splendor of its past. She’s driven to succeed in everything she does, and she knows what this house needs and can do it herself. Just before she signs the deed on the bottom line, the realtor says, “I am legally obligated to tell you that someone died in the house.”

Ashley laughs and signs for the dream house she’s always wanted. Will it become her nightmare or her wish come true?


“This is too much. Too much. I need time to think. Time alone. Just leave me alone, please.”

And as if she had turned a light switch, he was gone.

“That was beyond weird, right, Tootsie?” she said. She let the dog out for her last pee of the evening, got two Tylenol PMs from the medicine cabinet for herself, and drank them with a cup of warm milk. Minutes later, Tootsie was in her crate and Ashley was snuggled under her covers wondering what the hell to do with a freaking ghost under her roof. Should she talk to someone about him? But to whom? No one would believe her if she did. She barely believed what she had seen herself. But while she slept, he visited her and pleasured her, and she didn’t ask him to stop. She loved every minute of him touching every inch of her. He knew all of her sensitive, needy, desperate places and fed them, kneaded them, and worked them to perfection. She was writhing wildly in her bed, thrashing the sheet and blanket until they were on the floor, and she had pulled her T-shirt she’d slept in off of her, so he could get easier access to every nook and cranny of her. She needed him, she wanted him, and she knew it with all her heart. He’d found a way, a way to convince her that he should stay. And she knew she’d let him.

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