Everything is good and right in my world

For those who are worried, stop.  Yesterday I managed to remember to eat, sleep and even shower.  On top of which I finished Wayfarer Aegis.  I may work on the cover for it today.  It went off to my test readers.  The first one got back to me last night and she loved the changes I made.  It pleases me that the added scenes helped to polish the story.

I worked on Wayfarer six last night.  I don’t have a name for it yet.  They generally come to me as I’m writing so for now it is six.  When I ran out of energy for writing I slept and woke up this morning with at least one scene in my head.  I have a lot to do in this one so I think it is going to be a dense story.

I remembered to call Ken to wish him a Happy Birthday!  He’s 54 today and better than he was at 20 when we married.  I admit to no bias in that statement.

I’ve had breakfast, took my meds, and brushed my hair.  I’m managing to remember to do the basics.  Of course I haven’t started writing yet.  All bets are off once I start writing.  Classical music is on and I’m at the computer.

I’m up and working.  In my head there is a list of what I want to get done today which I’m trying to tackle before the scenes in my head take over forcing me to write.  My list includes blogging, facebook marketing, email, invoice for editing job I did and then WRITING.  I’ve already done the sales review for the month.  I just have to check tomorrow to see if there were sales today.

Yes I’m pretty sure I’m obsessed with writing.  I’m pretty sure if I stopped writing my head would explode because there would be too many words and stories in it.

Virginia and Stephanie are with Ken and they are doing the birthday and superbowl thing this weekend.  Vicki is at a conference getting tons of books.  I’m writing.  Everything is good and right in my world.

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