I’ve been busy.  I did sales summary analysis for January, billed for an editing job, responded to a bunch of emails, ate three meals yesterday (though supper was a bit late), and wrote.  I wrote an epilogue of sorts to Wayfarer Aegis.  One of my test readers insisted.  I was reluctant but having written it I see how it changes the tone of the ending and connects it better to the first book.  My test readers agree.  I wrote a blog for here, did posting on Facebook, answered posts on Facebook, and checked on Linked in, Goodreads, Pagan Square and looked for new reviews.  In addition to all of those things I wrote about 7,000 words for the sixth Wayfarer novel.

I went to sleep last night trying to figure out if I wanted to write a love scene between two characters or leave it as strong implied.  I couldn’t decide.  I slept on it.  This morning I woke up with the love scene playing in my head.  I sat up and wrote it and the following scene as well.

I have to check my business email this morning about the editing job I worked on.  However, I think I’m going to go take a shower.  When I’m done with my shower, I am hoping I’ll figure out what I want the next scene to be.  I know in general what it will be but I’m having Adara do a private negotiation that Admiral Chesnik specifically asked her to do.  I don’t know what will be under negotiation.  I have to figure that out.  Once I do, I’ll be able to write the scene.  After that I have one more scene for this contract day.  Then I’ll be jumping forward, I know the next scene for the new contract, I just have to figure out all the details of it.  It’s going to be complicated and involved but I think I know how it will play out.

If I can get all of that written today I will count it as a good day of writing.  The thing is I even know what happens after all of these scenes.  I know where I’m taking the story and sort of how it is going to play out but not the details yet.  It’s always fun for me to see the details unfold as I write.

If I can get Wayfarer done today or maybe in the next day or so, I can move on to Defenders.  I really want to tackle the final story in that series.  It’s two thirds done, I just need to finish it so I can work on edits.  There are battles to be fought, people who need to die, people who shouldn’t die, and justice to be done in that story.  It is exciting and should be fun once I get to it.

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