Non-Birthday Day Off

I've got three days off work before my day job goes crazy with advising.  It's my non birthday year, today is my "birthday".  At least somewhere between today and tomorrow my birthday lands.  My to do list is enough to keep me busy for a month (or longer).  But I'm tackling things one at a … Continue reading Non-Birthday Day Off

Everything is good and right in my world

For those who are worried, stop.  Yesterday I managed to remember to eat, sleep and even shower.  On top of which I finished Wayfarer Aegis.  I may work on the cover for it today.  It went off to my test readers.  The first one got back to me last night and she loved the changes … Continue reading Everything is good and right in my world

Weekend in Review

We spent part of the weekend with Vicki as it was her birthday.  It was good to go see her but I wish I could have had more time with her. Now we are home safe and sound.  On the drive down I wrote three scenes for the next Wayfarers book in my head.  While … Continue reading Weekend in Review

Halfway through the Year

It just dawned on me that we are halfway through the year.  My first six months of 2014 have been incredibly busy with writing, family, and work.  In January, I was disappointed I didn't get the grant I'd tried for.  I was very disappointed to the point where I thought I'd never have the time … Continue reading Halfway through the Year

Long Weekend

I’m taking a four day weekend.  Yesterday, I took off and even skipped my class.  I stayed home and spent the morning studying for my science exam and taking it.  I think I flopped it.  I knew the material would get progressively harder and I have a tough time with science.  The rest of the … Continue reading Long Weekend


I woke up to several text and Facebook messages, voicemail, and a cat all wishing me a happy birthday (well okay maybe not the cat).  I walked onto my floor and was blocked from my office because people were in there making mischief.  One of my faculty dropped off a present of my favorite drink, … Continue reading Birthday!!!

Birthday soon…

Most years I don’t have a problem with turning another year older.  It is just another day.  This year though I’ve had a few reminders that I am old – or at least that is how some people see me. I was talking to a girl in class today and realized that all of my … Continue reading Birthday soon…

Birthday…or non-birthday…??

Well I'm home today.  I took the day off to be away from work on my birthday - non-birthday really as I don't have one this year.  My birthday is Feb 29 and I won't have an actual birthdate until next year.  I'm 47 today and proud of it.  It is nearly 10 am and … Continue reading Birthday…or non-birthday…??

To sleep or not…

Last night I finished a chapter about ten and thought okay I'm done writing but I'm not tired enough to go to sleep.  I grabbed the book I was reading and curled up in my recliner.  Three hours later I finish the book and decide okay it would be best to go to bed.  I … Continue reading To sleep or not…

Long Weekend

I'm halfway through my weekend today.  Yesterday I ran errands with my daughter.  It was a normal pay week Saturday with grocery shopping and other errands.  Visited the Doc on Thursday and have another bottle of pain killers.  I'll see how well they work.  I'm not holding my breath though.  I've not taken any yet … Continue reading Long Weekend