Fall Equinox

September 23 is the fall equinox this year. Fall is a time of harvesting, finishing up projects and completing goals.

I had several goals this year. One of which was to go visit the girls in Georgia. We did that and had a wonderful vacation. It was great to get away for a week and see all three girls. I’m hoping we can do something similar next year.

For writing, I had specific goals. Some of these I’ve met and exceeded and others I’ve totally not met. One of my goals was to submit work / articles each month. I was hoping to do at least three but so far I’ve only done sporadic submissions.

Another goal was to get one or two books published. I’ve now gotten seven books published. I seem to have exceeded this goal by quite a bit. I’ve got two more books in the wings which I’m hoping to get out there in the next three months.

Going into winter and heading to the winter solstice becomes a time to reflect on what I’ve done right and wrong this year, how I need to change to improve, what I need to leave alone and just keep the same. By winter solstice, I’ll be looking at what my new goals will be and what I want for the next year.

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I always feel energized and love the season. The colors, the crisp fall air, and the slowing from summer craziness (and before the holiday craziness). For me it is a happy time of enjoying the beauty of the season.

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