First Day of Crafting

I made it to my daughter’s with no traffic issues at all.  I stopped and got gas and of course the next three places I saw were all less expensive.  We talked till 2 in the morning.

At her work, I sat and crocheted while she worked.  I finished one dish towel and started another.  I am hoping to finish it before we go back to her apartment.  I don’t have buttons for them but we are going to Joann’s tomorrow.

We went out to lunch and in the same mall, there was a Michaels.  She still had over 30 minutes before she had to be back so we went to look at yarn.  I got some on sale and a crochet magazine which she grabbed before I could look at it and tagged it already.

I have the material to make her one more dish towel and will try to finish those tonight.   Tonight we are going through all the yarn she has claiimed and I plan to make a detailed list of what she wants from each yarn.  

She fed me lunch and now I just want a nap.  She’s offered her keys for me to go back to her apartment but that just seems silly.  I will either put my head down on her desk and nap or I will be a good mom and work on her dish towel.

When I got here she had goodies for me and I LOVE the blanket she made me.  Apparently people have offered to take it and I said absolutely not.  Well okay I said fuck no and if they try I’ll chop off their hands (it is that nice of a blanket).

Hopefully tonight will be an earlier night but I’m not holding my breath.  We always stay up late talking.

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