Fool Me Once


Toni and Blair were friends once, or at least Blair had thought they were friends until Toni’s betrayal caused a botched sting operation that had nearly cost him his life. His misplaced trust in her had cost the lives of two of his friends. Toni arrives back in Blair’s life under mysterious circumstances when she crashes her Porsche near his driveway. When she wakes after the accident she has no memory of her past except for the strange disconnected images of a murder scene that haunt her dreams.Blair wants to take down Toni’s lover Farrell Hagen, the man responsible for the deaths of his friends. To do this Blair needs information he believes Toni can give him once she regains her memory. Desperate to keep Toni safe until she can give him the information he needs Blair tells Toni they were long time friends and had planned to spend the Christmas holidays together. But the fraud he perpetrates takes on a life of its own and reality begins to pattern itself after his lie when this Toni is nothing like the Toni he knew before the accident and he finds himself emotionally and sexually attracted to her. As they work together to try to piece together the meaning behind the disjointed scenes of a murder that haunt Toni’s dreams the attraction between them flares. When they make love for the first time they learn that things can’t possibly be as they seem. This knowledge puts them on a collision course with death as they race to unlock the secrets of Toni’s mind before the killer comes for Toni.


Jessica Joy lives in the Frozen North of Minnesota with her husband and two mini monsters. She is a coffee addict, lover of all things geeky and nerdy, and proud theater nerd. When she isn’t in her writing cave creating broody swoon worthy book boyfriends, you can often find her dancing and singing along with show tunes or Disney music at the top of her lungs, especially when she has a chance of embarrassing her teenage daughter.


A sound, between a sigh and a cough, came from the bed behind them. In unison both men turned, focusing on the waking Toni. Her eyelids fluttered open. Confusion shimmered in sea green eyes as her gaze collided with Blair’s. “Where am I?”

“Mason’s Cove,” Blair answered and watched a deep furrow form between her brows.
Silently, she mouthed the words then sank her teeth into her lower lip, staring intently into his eyes. “This is a hospital room. What happened?” Her questioning gaze darted to Drew and then back to Blair. “Why am I here?”

Either she was an actress worthy of an Oscar, or something was very wrong. Blair watched for a crack in her facade. She’d fooled him once before, and he didn’t repeat mistakes; especially not fatal ones. “You were knocked unconscious when your car skidded into the ditch beside my driveway.”

His instincts twitched a sure sign of trouble. The tension in the room was so thick he could almost curl his fingers around it. He darted a quick glance at Drew. Wary watchfulness burned in his friend’s eyes.

“Your driveway?” She drew her brows together until they almost met and then shook her head. “We’re friends?”

At one time he’d thought they were friends; a lifetime ago when he’d believed she was someone he could trust. He refused to play the fool again. “Yes,” he intoned, hating the lie, but determined to play the game.

Liquid crystal tears shimmered in her eyes. “I don’t remember you.”

Damn, she was good. The catch in her voice was perfectly executed. For an instant, he almost believed that the panic rising in her eyes was genuine.

A lone tear slipped from the corner of her eye, then dropped onto the pillow. A second tear followed the first. “I don’t remember anything.” She took a deep, shuddery breath. “Anything at all.”

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