Such a small word, who knew it could have such impact on your life.  I’ve had gout for a while.  Mostly it is under control.  Then I have times like this past week where it flares up.  Now normally a flare for me last a couple of days and goes away.  Not this time. 

Last Thursday I left work with a swollen foot and knew it was coming on.  I did what I could.  I doubled up on my arthritis meds, added in pain killers, and anti-inflammatory, increased my cherry juice intake, elevated it and massage (carefully) the affected joint.  These are all things that have worked well in the past. 

I spent all weekend and part of this week in my recliner.  I got a lot of crocheting done.  I read most of my stuff for my formal project.  I caught up some on my DVR watching.  My foot remained stubbornly swollen and the red spot stuck on. 

This weekend I have a lot to do.  I have to finish crocheting the things mom asked me to make.  I have to finish the gifts for my student workers.  I have to read proofs for the short stories I’m getting published in an anthology.  I have to finish reading the articles for my formal project.  Then when I am done reading everything I have to write the formal project.  Oh and let’s not forget the short story and other writing I need to do for my Creative Writing class.  I’m going to have to take a quiz as well for Language Studies. 

This is just a portion (very small portion) of my to-do list.  Somehow I’m going to have to do this all from my recliner because my foot is still painful and swollen. 

Any suggestions?

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  1. No I take Celebrex – my doctor likes it better and it works really well for me with NO side affects. That is key for me. We discussed allopurinal and one other one but neither of us felt a change was needed.

  2. Allopurinal has no side effects. Whoever told you that Celebrex doesn't, they lied. They even considered taking it off the market at one time. If you are still having problems, then I would give it a shot. It's easy, cheap, and like I said, my honey has not had a gout attack since he began taking it years ago.

  3. I should have clarified – I don't have any side effects from Celebrex. Since I react in such weird ways once I find a drug that does what I need it to – I generally don't change. Every drug could have side effects. Celebrex just doesn't give me any other than making the pain of my arthritis go away. Also Celebrex is more for arthritis than just gout. Since I have arthritis in every joint in my body I need it to stave off the pain I normally cope with.

    When I looked up Allopurnol online for side effects there are tons of them. As there are for Celebrex as well. I'm not saying one is better than the other – I'm just saying that no side effects for me means I'm not looking to make any big changes unless it is absolutely necessary.

  4. If you are still having bad gout attacks… that would inspire me to make a change or just add it to my arsenal. Allopurnol has been around for years and years. It's not a new drug. I took Celebrex for a time myself. One of the side effects of Celebrex that class action law suits are pending for were heart problems linked along with strokes. I stopped taking it after that.

  5. That is why I went to the doctor. I trust this doctor a great deal. She is the best doctor I have every had of any kind. We discussed the pros and cons of the different meds as well as the difficulties I have in getting meds that work. We just went through a HUGE issue when they took Darvacet / Darvon off the market. Neither of us is happy with the option I ended up taking but there were so many different drugs I couldn't take. This doctor is very thorough and very knowledgeable. I trust her opinion and suggestions.

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