Hiding Out

I’ve been hiding out for the last month.  School ended and I got two A’s in my classes. Yeah!!  But after I was so stressed out I retreated into escapism.  I’ve been watching tv, playing facebook games, reading and crocheting.  I just needed some down time from everything. 

In the last week I’ve started to do other things as well.  I’m back to writing and working on projects that I would LOVE to finish over the summer.  I went back into one project and realized it was 580 pages (double spaced) total of about 170,000 words.  I recently read that the average novel is about 64,000 words.  This means I have nearly three novels in this one project.  I’ve been rereading the first part and falling in love with the project all over again.  I’m trying to find a good cut off point so I can start working on completing the first novel and send it out to the world of publishers.  At the same time I want to keep working on the end of the story.  Rereading it helps refresh my memory of where I started and where I’m going.  I was thinking I would work on a couple of projects like this over the summer but it might be too much to do all of that. 
On the creative side of this though is that I may find myself drawn to a different story (there are currently three or four bouncing around in my head) and may want to work on something else.  The one thing I need to stop doing is staying up till one or two in the morning writing or playing on the computer. 
I have a week off coming up.  I’m looking forward to that.  I’d like to get my books cataloged and organized.  I’d also like to get my craft room organized so it is less junk room and more craft room.  Vicki will be gone volunteering for two days so I’ll have the house to myself on those days.  I am hoping to make those writing days.  I also want to see if I can get Stephanie’s afghan finished.  I’m down to like four and a half rows.  I think this will mean that I watch DVDs for a day (or more) to try to get it done.  I’m finishing up a smaller project right now and then I’ll go back to the afghan. 
We got new living room furniture.  Our old furniture was falling apart and so we got new.  I’m enjoying it so far.  We got a sofa and loveseat with recliners.  This meant that we cleared out and rearranged the living room.  It looks so much better now.  The craft stuff for Vicki and I are in one corner tucked out of the way.  It will get messy again I’m sure as we craft regularly – Vicki crafts daily. 

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