Home Stretch

My formal project is done.  In my linguistics class I have whatever quizzes he throws at us and the final.  For my creative writing class I have finished my journal and the rough draft of the final short story.  I only need to polish the short story and turn it in and I’m done. 

I’m disappointed with my classes this semester.  I thought I’d learn a lot and enjoy the process but it has not been a good process for me this semester.  In my one class no one participates and the professor looks out on a sea of blank faces.  In my other class, the writing assignments have been tedious and not stretched my skills at all, plus there’s been little peer critique.  I would have liked to spend more time on that.  Also for the last month no one has really been participating online. 

I hope to be taking two writing classes next semester and hope that I enjoy them more.  I thought I was all settled but I got an email today that one of my classes may be cancelled.  This means that I’ll have to find a second class to be in and one that hopefully doesn’t disrupt my schedule too much.  I will hopefully know by Tuesday – I definitely don’t like the added stress of this.  There is one class that is offered and required at the same time as the class that is being cancelled but it is full already.  That means asking the professor and / or waiting to see if anyone drops it.  More stress – I don’t like stress…

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