Hoofin’ It

3 stars – another audio book listened to during a road trip.

Blain is back in her magical romantic comedies. In this one ex cop offspring of a werewolf visits New York to have a body drop from the skies onto a car next to him. In the car, the driver and passenger die but in the back seat – a mini alpaca. The police threaten to shoot it and he steps between a gun and the alpaca. He takes the alpaca and heads for home in Nebraska. While walking with his alpaca, Shane is attacked and the alpaca is stolen. From there all hell breaks loose. Overall the humor and craziness of the story are at the top but there was too little interaction between the two love interests in this book. While I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t come back to read it a second time. I listened to the audio book during a car trip and it was entertaining while driving.

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