How Did You Sleep?

For the last five months I’ve been sleeping in the recliner.  The last time I tried to sleep in my bed I woke up hurting more than when I went to sleep.  After consulting with Ken about how he was sleeping we decided our old mattress / box springs had to go (as I mentioned yesterday). 
The bed arrived and it is much better than the old one but I’m still having problems sleeping in it.  I slept for two hours before I woke up with a horrible back ache.  I stayed in bed – partly because I was so tired and partly because I thought it was just my back / muscles acting up – and spent the rest of the night in the bed.  I woke up regularly in pain – back not legs mostly.  Now I have to decide whether it was just a bad night because of the level of pain I was in yesterday or if it was due to the new bed.  I’ll try it again but not tonight as I work tomorrow and need to be able to function more fully. 

Ken, on the other hand, slept better so that is a good thing.  At least he got a good night’s sleep and feels better this morning.  

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