I Got a D

Way back when I took my business degree, I had to take a language class.  I chose German because I’m part German and thought it would be interesting to make the connection to my heritage.  I enjoyed the class but learned very little.  In fact I got a D in the class.

My sister is now taking a year of German.  I think I can still count to four or five, and say a few basic phrases.  Sprechen zie Duetsch being one of them (I apologize if I’ve spelled that wrong).  I like the German language.  I think if I spent some time in Germany (if only I had the funds) I could pick it up.  Hopefully my sister does a better job than I did with the class.

It’s been fun to give her a little bit of a hard time about it.  I told her Guten Morgen mein schwester the other day and the blank stare on her face was amusing.  It means good morning my sister.  I was fairly impressed I remember the German equivalent of sister.  Yes I did go look it up to make sure.

Maybe along the way the two of us can figure out how to talk in German.  And this reminds me of the app on my Kindle Fire that tries to teach me Spanish.  I work at it for a while and then forget it is there.  Languages fascinate me and I’ve always wanted to learn all of them.

After the D in German, I decided I probably didn’t have an aptitude for them.  Maybe I just haven’t been immersed enough in them.

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