It’s Done!

Yesterday and today I worked through how to out my traitor. Thank you to a couple of author friends who let me talk it out.

I finally got a lengthy timeframe which allowed me to finish up my last chapter. Or I should say my last two chapters. I was supposed to be done at the end of chapter 11 but there were too many details and it took an extra chapter. Today I wrote over 7100 words. The whole story is over 63,500 words long.

I’ve sent to my beta readers. I’ll see what they have to say. I’ll be taking a break from writing (as much as I can) and working on editing. I still have client editing and I also have two projects I need to finish off for myself. Both need a read through. I’ll work on that after I do client editing every night this week.

Oy. Nope. I’ll do takeovers, client editing and then see if I have the energy for my own editing. It’s going to be a busy month. I’ve got crochet projects to get done in addition to my writing stuff. Last night I watched three movies and finished a project I can’t talk about because it’s a gift. Today, I finished a really small project as well. So two off my list.

It’s been a full weekend. This week I start my working remotely most of the time. I have one meeting I have to go in for. Other than that, I’m working from home.

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