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Kristal McKerrington and I met through a mutual acquaintance.

Author Bio:

Kristal appeared on the BBC as a child, she also did appearances on the BBC Radio stations. Kristal had a great deal of interest in studying medicine before she became a author. Kristal retired from dance 2008. 

XoXo Publishing gave Kristal her start in publishing with her first book “Freedom Is Earned”. She went on to write several pieces with them. She has been a professionally published author since 2010. She’s been a best selling author for XoXo Publishing. She’s appeared on TMZ a few times and enjoys their banter. Kristal is a huge fan of Viking mythological. She has been a fan of wrestling since she was 5 years old. She has received positive feedback for her wrestling storylines from former WWE writers and current members of staff within the company. Kristal has a love for horse riding. Kristal has gone on to write several horse themed books and keeps her focus on doing several different kinds of romance.  Kristal signed with Firefly and Wisp Publishing for the sports romance  novel called Pinned. First wrestling themed novel for the thriving independent company.   She loves to read, she often likes to read Sherrilyn Kenyon, Catherine Cookson, Rachel Caine, Megan Duncan  and others. 

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Kristal, I’m thirty years old and I come from the Shetland Islands, currently staying in Glasgow. I have two cats called Bob and Stefano. My long suffering partner who is also my best beta reader, Ian.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

When I turned 18 after winning a contest and Debi Gloria told me my eye for detail belonged in books. I was to consider following that dream.

What genres do you like to read?  Are these the same genres you write in?

I do read a lot of fantasy, young adult and some adult fantasy. I have a great love and passion for them but I like my historical writers like Catherine Cookson and Lesley Pearse too. I tend to write Sports Romances and I’m now branching into fantasy, even trying my hand at a thriller or two.

Is your book for adults, young adults or children?

Its for the new adult mostly however it does appeal to adults. I think that young people who love wrestling but want  more tend to fall in love with these books.

What is your current release or project?

I just released Charlie’s Fight which is one of the two prequels we are releasing in this series. We are about to launch Being Amber which is the second one. Its a more dance, life or death start for Amber.

Tell us about the key characters

For Charlie’s Fight its about Charlie, a young Marie and Layla. We learn how they go from where they grew up into Scotland. How they get dragged into the dance world that leads them to fame and what breaks the family apart.

In Being Amber, we focus on Amber’s story. How she finds out about being a step sister to the two dancers she idealized. The traumatic experience that she goes through in order to find out how she had a wrestling father, the mystery man who hovered over her life. We see how she has led a crew to cover come major challenges in her life.

What is your blurb or synopsis of the book?

Charlie’s Fight: Reclaiming Honor

One man has a chance to reclaim all he’s lost. He’s up against impossible odds.

Being Amber

Amber—Scottish dancer drawn to Marie and Layla… Amber—proud and stubborn… Unsure about elements of her life, Amber trains her Street Dance team as she was taught by two famous women—Marie and Layla. An act of violence brings a revelation that rocks Amber’s world. Marie and Layla are far more than outstanding Street Dancers with a fabulous reputation—they’re Amber’s half-sisters. Yet another chapter of the Susan family opens with Being Amber. The plucky young woman fights to retain her own identity while also becoming part of the Street Dance world.

Share an excerpt

Charlie’s Fight: Reclaiming HonorImagine you’re the father of the two most famous twins in the world, and they created their success without you. That is what was in store for me so many years ago. Through those who chose to give me a chance, I will be able to finally able to tell my story to the world. I’m not proud of this tale, yet it’s a story that needs to be told. Ever since Layla, my youngest twin, revealed all the secrets about my life, one of the most powerful wrestling companies in the world and my oldest twin, Marie’s, life I have felt compelled to fill in the gaps that Layla left.

            As you learn about Marie’s life after the book drops, and of course Layla’s journey to that point, I wanted to share the story of what they were like before the cameras were flashing. I remember them as innocent little girls. Sometimes, it’s hard not to see them this way. All I can do now is hope that sharing what I know of my life and what made them who they are now will give you all a much better look at the bigger picture.

            Marie will continue to face judgement for what she does because she stands out. I couldn’t be more proud of the woman that she became who continues to lead our family into the future. Her journey to get here was a hard one. I know through her time standing on her own two feet that she learned lessons I should have been the one to teach her.

            All I can do is be the father I was meant to be before the road, wrestling, and my own agenda took over. I think that is the main lesson I learned as a father. Nothing is simple nor is it easy to make things right for another person. I hope that you will learn from my failings and find a better path to walk.

            Life sometimes throws us a curve ball and I used to complain about those people who let their lives go to ruin. I used to sit on the other side of the locker room judging them for using drugs or alcohol to make it through the day. I just didn’t understand how someone could allow their lives become a car wreck.         

            Maybe it was the control freak in me.

            My life would teach me a lesson in this. I soon found myself experiencing what led people into the depths of despair and what made them lose control over every part of their life. I was completely clueless to what I actually had at home. I didn’t have an inkling what waited for me or what I’d missed. I’d been living in some sort of bubble and when I got my eyes opened, the sights before me were horrifying.

            I never thought I’d face this situation. I’ve witnessed others go through this and I always wondered why they didn’t just leave or take control over it. I couldn’t understand until I faced it with my own life and saw what damage the world could do to your family if you weren’t there to protect them.

Do you have a favorite scene?

I have to say its when Marie rises to the challenges that she has to face.

What advice would you give a beginner?

Just keep your head on straight and understand that the readers have to come first.

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