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LD and I met through mutual friends.

Author Bio

My name is LD Wosar – Fraud Investigator by day- fledgling author by the afternoon! I live in Sin City – I don’t sin only my characters do. I love love love to write PNR – though a bit naughty – not too naughty! I am a mother of three adult children, grandmother to my lovely girls, Sophie and Emilie. I don’t have the most exciting life – I work, I write, I am a streaming junkie. In addition to my family life, I am a vinyl junkie and love music too much. Music and writing, it sums up me- attitude with a dash of fantasy.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is L.D. Wosar, or Lorinda Wosar. I live in Vegas and work as a Fraud Investigator for the Gaming Industry.  I published my first book last June of 2019 after years of writing, it is my second love to my family – 3 kids, 2 granddaughters (7 & 9) and my beloved pit bull.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

Since I was a kid, I’ve always been writing, but had no idea how to go about publishing my books until last year. Needless to say, it was a hot mess as I knew nothing about editing, formatting, etc.

What genres do you like to read?  Are these the same genres you write in?

I love Crime Thrillers, total James Patterson junkie. I definitely do not write in that genre-I prefer to stick with the PNR genre, mostly in the fantasy aspect.

Is your book for adults, young adults or children?

None of my books are meant for children, mostly adults because I tend to lean on brutal violence (thanks to my love of Quentin Tarantino movies). Not only that, a few of my books do have graphic sex.

What is your current release or project?

I my current release was Jagged Little Hood: Capot Adventure Series 3. However, my super fun time travel adventure book Relic will go live on December 1.  Currently, my next book Jaded Vamp is in the editing process. That one is an erotic horror-comedy.

Tell us about the key characters

In Relic, Margaret ‘Mags’ Graham is a thousand year old sorceress; however, she is more comparable to Agent Carter in Captain America. Smart, tough, unwavering.

Gareth Hastings, a Royal Army Lieutenant (with a secret) is believed to be the chosen one to make the relic work in order to complete Mags’s mission.

What is your blurb or synopsis of the book? 

I want to concentrate more on Relic, since that is the most current release. 

I desire peace, everyone desires peace. No one wants to live in a dystopia, it is the utopia they desire. Well, guess what humans? A perfect world doesn’t exist, I don’t want perfection, I want it to be bearable and liveable. Please tell me that is a suitable solution for you. Well, it has to be; because I refuse to give any human empty promises, for it all ends up ugly if you don’t follow through.

My name is Margaret ‘Mags’ Graham,  I am a gun-toting, sharp-shooting warrior. I am a legacy. A relic and I’m on a mission to bring peace not just for myself but for all of civilization in the form of an onyx heart-shaped talisman. All I need is some guidance, the right damned puzzle pieces, a chosen one and to get this monkey in the form of a smarmy Brazilian warlock off my back! Will I find peace? Let’s hope or these companions of mine will send us all to hell.

Share an excerpt

Mags smirked when his gun and the guns of five other Nazis were pointed in her direction. “You are British, so your fake German accent never fooled me. You ask too many questions and seek too much information. So, I have reason to believe, Fraulein Becker, that you are a British spy.”

“Merely an assumption on your part, asshole.” She lit the parchment on fire and quickly tossed it next to the drapery surrounding the entire room. “I will not allow you to live long enough to tell your fuhrer about what was discussed here.”

One bullet was in Helmut’s head and she removed his two guns from his holster. Relentlessly, she fired at the men who’d been watching the two since they’d walked into the nightclub. Fire raged around them as she continuously fired. Mags prided herself at being a sharpshooter, when she had clarity. For every three Nazis she’d killed, there seemed to be another three to take their place. She thought, “These buggers are like ants – you kill one – another ten show.”

Mags was out of bullets, but the joint wasn’t out of Nazis and even the wall of fire didn’t keep them from chasing after her. Crawling on the floor to gather more guns from the deceased Nazis, a feeling of being closed in shadowed her. Jumping to her feet, she paid no mind that her dress ripped, making the slit even larger. This was not one of those times to be vain and she aimed the guns, hitting every other Nazi that charged her.

The guns were empty once more, and finding more at this inopportune time was pointless. She cursed, having to resort to using magic. At this point, it was the only thing that would save her life and Mags was out of options.

Holding her hands out, she watched as the flames danced and doubled, swallowing the approaching assailants. With their bodies ablaze; their screams resonated.

Gripping her large topaz pendant in her hand after tossing her satchel, Mags prayed to get the hell out of there as the fire inched closer to her. She had no destination in mind, all she knew is she needed to get the hell out of Berlin 1944.

Do you have a favorite scene?

In 1944, in a cave near Normandy. When Mags and Gareth are surrounded by Nazi Zombies, she summons the ghosts of fallen soldiers from different eras to destroy the zombies.

What advice would you give a beginner?

It is so imperative to edit and format your book. Don’t let anyone dictate what to write to appease to the masses. You write what you want, what your heart tells you.

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