Lessons on Seduction

Estelle Petersen

Fresh from a breakup, Sapphire Blake embarks on a new journey as a college student. Freeing herself from the expectations of others, innocent Sapphire experiments with her new casual lover, Vera Richland.

Handsome, smart and intimidating, Julian Richland finds himself enthralled with Saira Quinn, a powerful woman willing to pay top dollar for his time in the bedroom. To pay his debts and continue his lavish lifestyle, Julian discovers a world filled with sex, drugs, and lies.

Vera introduces Sapphire to her brother and sparks fly. Julian sees a sexy vixen who he wants despite her conservative background. He desires to school her in passion but he must keep his budding relationship secret.

Will his secrets and his desires put Sapphire in danger?

10 thoughts on “Lessons on Seduction

  1. I loved this book! Lessons on Seduction is an erotic romance novel full of twists and turns. An intense five-star read that will keep you captive until the very end.

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