Little Sleep + 70,000 Words = new Wayfarer Novel

I’ve been putzing on writing the eighth Wayfarer novel.  I’d write a little and put it away.  That all stopped this week.  I went from 20,000 words that I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep to 70,000.  I think it’s a good one but I’m not sure.  I say this and I can hear other authors telling me to be confident in my work.

I am confident in my work but I just finished this one and I need some space from it before I can objectively judge the work.  I’ll wait for my test readers to tell me what they think.  I’m hoping by the end of the weekend.

Finishing this was supposed to get Wayfarers out of my head for a while.  That’s not happening.  I can already tell the ninth book will be started sooner rather than later.  I can feel it bouncing around in my head and wanting to be born.

I will attempt to set writing aside and finish a crochet project or two but the writing has grabbed me.  Once it starts, I have to write.  If I don’t I can’t sleep or focus on much of anything.

My goals for the weekend include finishing a baby blanket and starting a skirt.  I’ll likely write as well because I can already tell I’m going to need to.  I am working on editing the Wayfarer series – it is me being a perfectionist.  Even though the books are published, I reread them and discovered errors.  I decided to print, edit, and decide whether the errors merited going through the edit and republish process.  I’m on five and I’d love to finish them this weekend but we will see.

I liked the editing process.  I think rereading the books helped jump start the eighth book.  I’m planning to do the same with the Defenders series to see if I can get that story out of my head as well.  From there my to do list is long and complex but I am trying to be realistic and only think about the things I can actually accomplish in a short time frame.

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