Long List of Crafting and Writing

It’s a list weekend.  I have a long list of writing tasks I want to get done and a long list of crocheting / crafting things I want to get done.  I may manage to stay in my jammies all weekend just to get stuff done.

Last night I watched Blacklisted and worked on an afghan for my niece.  I’ve got about 40 rows done.  I LOVE the colors she picked and the pattern.  I can’t wait to see the final product.  In my crochet basket, I have about four projects started.  I am going to try to finish two of them this weekend and work on the other two.  Two of them are larger projects so will take longer than a weekend to complete.

I have written about four patterns which fall into the “Baskets” category.  I want to get them compiled into a document so I can publish them but before I publish, I want to print them out, follow the directions, and see if there are any adjustments I want to make.  I’m hoping to work on that this weekend.

I’ve got a short story finalized and am hoping to publish it this weekend.  Next is to do the searches on Wayfarer 10 and print for editing.

I’ve been wrapped up in marketing.  I’m trying to tweet and post on facebook regularly so I can get my work out to others.  I’m also looking at my marketing spreadsheet to see what I need to do for the things I’ve already published and not done the marketing.

I have a number of gifts to work on for crafting.  They are on my weekend lists as well.  I guess I better quit writing and get busy.

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