Long Weekend

I’m taking a four day weekend.  Yesterday, I took off and even skipped my class.  I stayed home and spent the morning studying for my science exam and taking it.  I think I flopped it.  I knew the material would get progressively harder and I have a tough time with science. 
The rest of the day yesterday was spent doing nothing.  Well okay I worked on a few little things like crocheting and – nope really did nothing.  I took a shower in the afternoon and tried a new shaving cream Vicki made and we watched top chef. 
Three more days to enjoy on this long weekend, I’m trying to plot out my time.  Saturday, we are doing batch cooking.  While Vicki is making cookies this morning, I’m going to create a cut list for the batch cooking.  This will give me a starting point for all the dishes we are going to make.  Then tomorrow when we get started I’ll know what needs to be done first and can start before Vicki has to be in the kitchen.
Aside from that I have to start the next unit for science and finish writing / editing my paper for my Prose class.  If I manage to get all that done, I will work on crocheting.  I have a number of projects I want to work on.  I may have to put up the card table and look over my yarn to determine what yarn I want for which projects. 

For all the wonderful people who wished my happy birthday – you made my day yesterday – thank you.  It is very affirming to have such an outpouring of well wishes.  I’ve turned 49 and I know a lot of women would be freaking out about it.  I just feel like I keep getting better.  This year I’ll finish my second bachelor’s degree and will hopefully move forward with my writing and a few of my other goals.  I don’t feel like I’m getting older, but that I’m getting better and better.

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