Eventful Week

Tuesday, Ken was on his way to work and got hit by a snow plow.  Don’t worry he is fine.  His truck is dinged up.  We all stayed home to keep an eye on him.  Fortunately, he had no negative side effects. 
The rest of the week was quiet for the most part – thankfully.  I got a lot done yesterday though.  Chapter for science – done.  Taxes for Alicia – fixed, accepted, and done.  Errands run with Vicki – done.  New cell phones ordered – done.  Genealogy looked up for a cousin, editing job, and FAFSA – done, done, and done.  These are all checked off my to do list this week. 
Today, I’m going to sit and watch some dvr programs with Ken and crochet.  Also on my list is to help Vicki make some of her homemade products that we are selling.  We have a list of mostly organic items that we are selling because we have found they work wonderfully for us (yup we were the guinea pigs) and now we are going to sell them.  There are scrubs, lotions, face wash and a variety of other products.  I’ll post a link when we get that far.  We are also making a big batch of carbonara and marinara, so I’ll be assistant chef to Vicki and Ken will be canning the results for the marinara and we will freeze the carbonara. 
I’ve tried a new stitch called crocodile crochet.  I love how it looks and it is fun to make.  I bought a slipper pattern that looks fun.  I’m also working on an ascot for Vicki (yes Kelly she gets another one).  I’m hoping to finish that today while we watch dvr stuff. 

I’m hoping for a quiet day today – mostly.  I’m also hoping for a less eventful week next week

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