Busy Weekend

Yesterday was filled with tasks and today will be the same.  In the morning we went to Sorgs to get supplies for Thanksgiving.  We came home and I worked on my paper which is due on Tuesday.  We spent some time together watching tv and having lunch before we went to Ken’s brother’s retirement party.  Then it was back home to have supper and watch more dvr stuff while I crocheted.  I finished watching The White Queen series last night while I worked on another scarf for Vicki (one she is giving away). 
In the mail yesterday I got a package from Circle Magazine and was please to find a poem and essay were published of mine published inside.  The art on the page by Sophia Gill is beautiful.  She made a stylized tree which fits the poem and the essay beautifully. 
Today will be a homework day.  Ken will go to the grocery store to gather up the last of the Thanksgiving items we need.  I will work on finishing my paper, reading two chapters, diagramming four or five sentences, doing an exercise, and starting the research on my final project.
I only have three weeks left (I think) and I’m ready to be done.  Once classes are done I will have earned my second degree.  I’m not walking for graduation – it doesn’t seem worthwhile to me to sit through a ceremony which will have no relevance for me.  I’m not going out to conquer the world with my degree.  I got this degree for me – to improve my writing and editing skills. 

It promises to be a busy day as I have a lot of homework to do and some crocheting I want to get done as well.  So much to do and hardly enough time to do it in – I’m looking forward to not being in school any longer so I can focus on my writing and crocheting rather than homework.  


It seems a bit ridiculous to think that in the same two hours two days in a row I didn’t accomplish the same amount of work but I didn’t.  Yesterday I got up in pain.  I made such little progress I was frustrated with myself.  Today I got up not in pain.  Here it is 9:00 am and I’ve accomplished a lot. 
In my head, I’ve had this to-do list which I know is too long for the amount of time I have but still I want to accomplish all the things on my to-do list.  Today I’ve checked off a number of things in just a short period of time.
Yesterday I tried to write my paper for Prose Stylistics.  I sat at the computer and bumbled my way through it.  Now I had a strong outline and all I really had to do was organize and fill it out.  I tried doing that and it was a poor attempt. 
Today I got up, showered, dressed, and while I was going to the bathroom (I know too much information) I realized exactly what I needed to do for my intro and how to reorganize.  After my shower, I sat down and whipped it out.  I now have nearly four pages for my paper and I think it is done.  I’ll leave it until tomorrow and read through it.  I’m sure I’ll find things I want to change but mostly I’m done with it. 
Last night I read two chapters in a book for Prose Stylistics.  It is the most blathering type writing.  He goes on and on and is ridiculous.  But I managed to skim my way through the two chapters.  I have one more to read and then I’m done. 
Today I have been reading some of the nine excerpts I need to read in order to finish off the best sellers vs classics for Prose Stylistics.  I’m through with three of them and will be done with the fourth shortly.  I will try to get through all of them before I wander back to the couch. 
Last night I got my grade for my science exam – 27 out of 30!  I was thrilled as this is the best I’ve done.  I finished chapter 10 earlier this week and today I am hoping to finish chapter 11.  I was hoping to finish all three chapters but it doesn’t look like that will happen so I will just keep plugging away at them.  I literally have four chapters left after I finish chapter 11 and I will be glad to be done with my science class.

Hopefully the rest of today will be as productive as the first two hours.  It is amazing how much I can accomplish if I’m not in pain and I put my mind to it.

Spring Break

The last couple of weeks have been busy with school.  It is now spring break.  Friday at work was very quiet and I was able to clear my desk and organize my tasks.  I made a list – of course – and got several things crossed off that list because it was so quiet. 
Next week I’m working two days and taking the other three off but that doesn’t mean I’m doing anything fun.  I have a long list of homework I need to get done including three chapters of science and a paper to write. 
I’m at that stage – I think most students and teachers are too – where I’m ready to be done with classes.  I have another six weeks but I’m just ready to be done with the classes and move on to the next set.  Part of my antsyness is that I only have two more classes to take. 
There is no week-long party for me over spring break.  I’m taking this weekend to relax and get some crocheting done.  I’m working and doing homework during the work week.  Then next weekend I’m working on more crocheting projects.  I have three graduation gifts to get finished.  After those are done – I have a few other projects I want to get done as well. 
I’ll also be taking a day to go to the orthopedic doctor to see about goo in my knees again.  They have really been bothering me so it is time to see what can be done in order to reduce the pain I’m in.  We also bought a new bed in the hopes that it will help both of us sleep better.  Our old bed was old and broken so we went out and got a new box spring and mattress.  Tonight will be the first night we sleep on it and I’m hoping for a really good night’s sleep.

Long Weekend

I’m taking a four day weekend.  Yesterday, I took off and even skipped my class.  I stayed home and spent the morning studying for my science exam and taking it.  I think I flopped it.  I knew the material would get progressively harder and I have a tough time with science. 
The rest of the day yesterday was spent doing nothing.  Well okay I worked on a few little things like crocheting and – nope really did nothing.  I took a shower in the afternoon and tried a new shaving cream Vicki made and we watched top chef. 
Three more days to enjoy on this long weekend, I’m trying to plot out my time.  Saturday, we are doing batch cooking.  While Vicki is making cookies this morning, I’m going to create a cut list for the batch cooking.  This will give me a starting point for all the dishes we are going to make.  Then tomorrow when we get started I’ll know what needs to be done first and can start before Vicki has to be in the kitchen.
Aside from that I have to start the next unit for science and finish writing / editing my paper for my Prose class.  If I manage to get all that done, I will work on crocheting.  I have a number of projects I want to work on.  I may have to put up the card table and look over my yarn to determine what yarn I want for which projects. 

For all the wonderful people who wished my happy birthday – you made my day yesterday – thank you.  It is very affirming to have such an outpouring of well wishes.  I’ve turned 49 and I know a lot of women would be freaking out about it.  I just feel like I keep getting better.  This year I’ll finish my second bachelor’s degree and will hopefully move forward with my writing and a few of my other goals.  I don’t feel like I’m getting older, but that I’m getting better and better.


Bills are paid.  Grocery shopping is done.  I’ve done a small amount of homework.  However, I have two very long to do lists which aren’t getting done as quickly as I’d like.  I know I push myself (sometimes too hard) but I have a lot on my plate right now. 

Went shopping with Kelly yesterday and had a bit of fun wandering around the craft store, this was a good break for me as I was in a slump on the homework end.  It was good to get out with her and Vicki to shop in a craft store. 

Today is a study day.  I have a long list of homework I need to get done.  I also have to get some of my writing stuff done.  I want to finish off my grant and get it submitted so I can just be done with it.  I found another grant I want to work on but the deadline isn’t until June so I have lots of time to work on it.

One of the publications I have submitted to in the past contacted me to ask for submissions.  I’m going to get two or three things done for them this weekend.  Unfortunately the only payment I get is free copies of the magazine but it is publications on my resume.  I have at least one other submission to make today because the deadline is looming.  The articles all need editing and I have final edits on the grant material to do.  The other submission I think is ready to go – I just want to read through it once.  After I get these three things done, I’ll be switching over to homework and hopefully making good progress.

I’m supposed to go to my sister’s house today for a birthday thing for my nephew but it really depends on how much homework I get done.  If I make good progress I’ll go – if I don’t, I won’t be able to as I have so much to do. 

I did finish the capelet I was making for Vicki – I just have to sew the closing on it that we picked up yesterday.  I also worked on Kelly’s scarf that I ran out of yarn for.  I think by tomorrow I’ll have that done. 

I know it sounds like I had a tedious weekend but I had fun with Kelly and Vicki.  I also am getting stuff done which always makes me feel good.  Now if I can get just a few more things crammed into the too short weekend I will feel like I can tackle the week without a giant weight on my shoulders. 

Not Quite Done

Today is going to be a busy day.  I have homework to finish and need to help Vicki prep for Super Bowl food as we have Kelly and Dominic coming over to watch.  I also want to finish off my grant, work on crocheting, and a few other things. 

Yesterday was a bust.  I was in the middle of working on my grant when Ken said the tv channel he was watching went out.  This led to an all day affair with the cable / internet provider.  It eventually got fixed but it literally took until about 8:00 pm last night before we have tv services back.  I get glitches but I don’t get when they totally screw up.  I got the run around to begin with but had all the information and finally got someone who was willing to listen and work with me.  Now the service is correct – next I’ll just have to watch the billing to make sure they get that straight.  I’m sure my frustration and annoyance level will go through the roof as I try to get that fixed.

I did get some of the editing done on the grant but now I’m second guessing myself on what writing sample I should send in.  This is what my grant will be judged on for the most part so it is extremely important.  I want them to see my writing style and understand the story I’m trying to tell.  I also want it to be a well edited piece of writing.  Here is where the dilemma comes in – I have 25 pages which are well edited and start the story but aren’t the meat of the story (prologue and back story).  I have the beginning of the story which hasn’t been edited at all.  The prologue and back story has been edited by several people and I’ve had input from a variety of sources.  This means my edits have been thoughtful and constructive.  I’m not sure if I jump ahead if I have as good a quality of writing as the other part.  However, the beginning of the story is more action filled and jumps right in to the main characters and their quest but it isn’t edited.  I’ve had little feedback on it at all.  I’ve done little work on it myself as I’ve been working on editing the first part and writing at the tail end of the story.  I need to make the choice today especially if I’m going to start with the beginning because I will have to get the 25 pages I’m going to submit edited. 

This morning I was going to get up and work on my homework.  I’ve not touched it yet.  I’ve spent the last hour working on editing other people’s stuff and sorting through emails.  My last lab for this section is the next thing I’m going to work on and then I want to go back and review the ones where I got answers wrong.  The material is definitely getting more difficult and I need to have as many points as possible as I move forward.  Yes, I know two of my labs I only missed one and that is acceptable but I still am going to need the points.  Also, I have no idea at this point if I have homework for the other class as the professor has not posted anything and I wasn’t in class on Thursday.  This is particularly frustrating to me because I could have spent yesterday working on it but she hadn’t posted anything yet or answered my email.  I know my faculty told me to give her 48 hours (business hours) but at the same time it causes me stress because I can’t just stay home from work because she hands out a ton of homework.  Here is where I have to do what I can and let the rest go – obviously I’m working on that. 

I’m going to try to spend the next two hours very productively and then this afternoon I’ll be assistant chef to Vicki and have fun during the Super Bowl (who ever thought those words would come out of my mouth?)

My to-do lists got some attention but not enough…


People ask me how do I manage to stay ahead of my schedule.  I usually answer very confidently it is a matter of scheduling.  Generally, I figure out what I need to get done, schedule it, and then do it. 

Lately, I’ve not been as good at this.  I’ve been getting distracted by things not on my schedule.  This is sometimes good and sometimes not so good.  Here it is Sunday and I should have all my homework done.  I don’t.  I have several pages to read yet.  I likely won’t get to them.  This means the reading flows into my school week.  It is difficult for me to do homework during the week as I’m usually freaking exhausted after working and school.  If I don’t get the reading done then it will be next weekend.  This is of course a cascading problem because next weekend I have all this other reading to do. 

My distraction this week is editing.  I got a wonderful story from a friend and edited it.  He says he has 22 chapters and by the time I was done reading the prologue I just wanted the rest of it.  I also have been working on editing my own book.  I’m nearing the end of the first rounds of edits and am annoyed I was too tired to do more last night at midnight. 

My office is still a mess.  I don’t care so long as I can edit.  I am not any more organized than I was prior to the semester starting.  Mostly, I don’t care so long as I can edit. 

I may be a bit obsessed with editing right now.  It may be time to give myself a good kick in the bum and get back on schedule.  Or I may just need to finish the edits on the first manuscript in my series.  Ironically I’m dreaming about the story again.  It is stuck in my head and I just want to work on it and move forward – everything else be damned. 

One Day Off Email

Yesterday I spent my time working on other things.  I checked my email in the morning and not again all day.  This morning I check my email and got slammed!  Apparently I’m either not allowed to take a day off or everyone was just really chatty yesterday. 

I’ve been enjoying my vacation.  I get up in the morning (usually later than normal) and work on the computer – writing, posting, editing, and a variety of other things.  Then in the afternoon I’ve been working on other projects.  It has been really relaxing.  I even took a nap yesterday.  I’ve even been crossing things off my to do list. 

Today though I’m hyper aware of the impending weekend and the amount of things I need to get done before I go back to work and school next week.  This morning I realized I have a lot of homework I need to get done before Monday.  I was up at 7 this morning and showered and to my desk by 7:45.  Sasha needed grandma time so I spent a bit of time cuddling and petting her.  What can I say Sasha is demanding and has claws… J

When I’m done with this blog I have to work on five lessons in a tutorial for a software program for one of my classes.  I have three stories to edit and write letters on.  I have several chapters to read.  I have a project to work on and a story to edit.  I have gotten one story edited to the point where I think it is done – I’ve sent it off to a couple of people to see what they think. 

Today will be a homework day – hopefully one that is productive.  This way I can play tomorrow (or do more homework) and not feel guilty about visiting with a friend.

Watch for the guest blog by Elizabeth Hazel tomorrow!!!

One More Work Day!

Tomorrow is my last work day for a week.  Every morning I’ve woken up and said the number of days left until I am done for Spring Break and my vacation.  I’m looking forward to my vacation.  I was hoping for some serious writing time but sadly I think I’m going to be doing a lot of homework during my vacation. 

At work tomorrow I have a long laundry list of things to get done.  Hopefully I will clear off my desk of most of them.  I’m not holding my breath though.  I’m supposed to have two student workers and hopefully they both come in.  However, it is the Friday before spring break so I’m not sure who will be in and who won’t be.
Once I’m done tomorrow, my top priority will be to finish off the transcribing for my client.  I’m looking forward to finishing this job and getting paid.  I still haven’t heard anything on the other job I sent out a quote on.  I did a follow up email asking if they had any questions and got a bit of a sharp answer back.  My guess is the person is swamped and just hasn’t had time to work through it with the higher ups.
After I get the business out of the way, I have a long list of homework for both my classes.  I have reading and writing to do for both.  My Book Editing professor put the final assignment out for us to start on.  I’m quite excited about it.  I will get to do a presentation for my book.  I’ve been working on refining the proposal and even the manuscript which I thought was done but obviously it isn’t. 
Since I have both reading and writing to do for these classes it will give me the chance to spend time with my feet up so maybe my knees and ankles will stop hurting.  My list of homework is long and involved.  I’m hoping to get through a good chunk of it.
In addition to those two long lists of things to do while I’m on vacation I have a crafting list, genealogy list, and a writing list.  I need a longer vacation! 

Early Day

By Wednesday, I’m so ready for an early day and fortunately most days I get to come home early.  Class is done at 3:30 and I just come home after.  Today I was a bum and played games on the computer.  Now though I have to get down to work. 

I laughed hard when I read a couple of blogs this week.  Check out Speak!  Good Dog!  You should check out her commentary on the Rush Limbaugh and birth control issue.  Beware though there is a bit of sarcasm involved (okay maybe more than that – I think she might now be in hiding from the sarcasm police!)

Also a friend of mine is agoraphobic and she has started a blog called In Loving Memory of My High Functioning Self.  She has a great sense of humor and laughs at herself while she explores her fears and anxiety.  At the same time she isn’t letting her life fall apart.  I know she doesn’t feel like it but she is one of the most amazing people I know and one of my favorite people.  Check out her blog it is pretty good. 

Both blogs have a link below.

On another note I recently had an assignment to write a report on any topic.  My professor found out I was part of a writers group so she asked if I would ask some of the writers about their experiences with publishers.  Well Barbara Ardinger, Kelley Harrell, Donna Henes, and Elizabeth Hazel (she does the astrology stuff I post) all were very generous with sharing their experiences.  In addition some have agreed to write a guest blog for here.  Barbara has been wonderful quick with it so when I get a few moments I’m going to get that posted here.  In the meanwhile, check out her blog and her books.

I’m off to deal with mundane things like supper and maybe some crocheting.  I have homework but I think tonight will be a down night.  Though I have some transcribing to do so I guess I’ll have to see how I feel once my tummy is full (usually it involves a stint in the recliner with me inspecting my eyelids for holes… or something like that).