Saturday started my nine days off.  Normally I have all sorts of writing plans for my time off but this time I’m still working on getting my foot healed so my plan is to rest and relax.  So the plan is to watch DVDs and crochet. 

First thing on my agenda on my first day off was to have a massage – a gift I got for Christmas.  I’m still not able to hobble far so my masseuse came to me.  I felt lucky she was willing to do this since it has to be cost effective for her.  My sister and daughter got massages as well and this made it worthwhile for the masseuse. 

My pain level runs around 5 or 6 on a normal day.  On a bad day I’m up around 9 and I’ve been having a lot of those lately.  Saturday I woke up to a 9 day and thought about cancelling but knew that it would help me. 

Kris (my masseuse) was fabulous as always.  She took care of the aches and pains I normally have and more.  She took care of my legs with great care and tenderness.  At the same time her massaging helped circulation and muscles to relax.  My back, which had been aching from too much time in the recliner, went from painful to not painful.

It was sort of amusing that three of us had massages and we all came out with funky hair and a look of peaceful bliss.  For myself, I was able to walk and get around better than I have in the last six weeks.

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