If you suffer from headaches you know how bad they can get.  If you suffer from migraines you know they are a hundred times worse than headaches.  For four days now I’ve been dealing with a migraine.  I don’t take regular meds for migraines mostly because I don’t want to try new drugs.  However, this week I’m nearly to the point where I’d take almost anything to get rid of this puppy. 
My brain feels like someone has it in a vice grips and it is about to pop like an overstressed balloon.  I started out taking Tylenol.  I’ve graduated to Excedrin Migraine.  I’ve had nausea all week to go with this.  I’ve also been dizzy and light headed.  Light has been like a knife point through my skull.  Staring at a computer all day makes everything worse. 
I can’t even write mostly.  Doesn’t stop my brain from trying to move forward with a story I’m working on (two of them actually).  I just want to get the information down but every time I sit to work on my computer my head throbs worse so I return to my recliner and darken the room.
Next step for me is to start drinking Coke and eating chocolate even though I don’t like the first and I’m avoiding the second.  Sometimes that is the only thing that breaks my headaches. 

2 thoughts on “MIGRAINE

  1. I have migraines… it's one of the reasons I was able to get disability and I have all those things you mention. What I might also say about it is that I think everyone knows what helps theirs the best. It's kind of an individual thing. I take Advil Migraine. That helps about as good as anything over the counter I can take. I also have a prescription for Fioricet. Like you, not much seems to work and even with those medicines, I have suffered for several days with one. I know one is coming when I get very irritable, then begin getting light headed and sometimes dizzy. I have a hard time with my balance, too. I hope it breaks for you soon!

  2. It is completely individual and it is completely dependent on the situation. No two migraines are the same. I've never taken anything specific for migraines but I've struggled with headaches my whole adult live. The last few times it is a large consumption of Coke that seems to help the most. It is worst for me when I can't sleep because of the headache. Normally with the other pain I cope with sleep is a refuge. So when the head hurts and I can't retreat into that refuge it is difficult. I've downgraded my headache from migraine to headache. I'm hoping it will continue to ease and disappear.

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