Monsters and Mistletoe

Honor St Jean & Poppy Jacobson

Hot chocolate, snowflakes, jingling bells, and… monsters?

That’s what Christmas has in store for you this year!

Add a little spice to your holiday festivities by diving into this collection of monster-loving heroines who find love in the most unusual of places.

✨✨The Holly and The Oak✨✨

🔥Monster fudging

🔥Pagan lore

🔥Dark and pr!mal play (very pr!mal)

🔥MFM and plenty of sharing

The gods have never taken a human sacrifice—until me. Hunting in the woods at winter solstice is dangerous, but my family is starving. I risk it, despite the tales of dark pagan deities who haunt the forest. When the Holly King himself makes me his prey, and the Oak King stumbles upon us, I discover the terrifying truth of the legends.

The Old Gods are real, and they’re not hungry, they’re ravenous—for me and the magic my desire brings forth. Now, I’m their shiny new toy and neither likes to share.

I went into the forest as the hunter. Now I’m the hunted. If I don’t escape, I’m theirs to play with, to use, to take over and over again for their pleasure.

The only question is what they’re hunting—my heart or my body? And will I survive it either way?

✨The Holly and the Oak is part of the Monsters & Mistletoe anthology, releasing on 12/1.

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