Once Upon a Christmas – Annie & Tobie’s Christmas Wish

Cree Nations

“Kids I’m sorry. I tried. I can’t let the two of you keep holding on to hope. Wishes just don’t come true. They’re like dreams; they disappear with the light of day.”

Tobie being the oldest by seven minutes, and self-appointed protector of his twin sister, Annie, refused to believe this and wasn’t going to stand for their Gramps to crush Annie’s dream. “Gramps we always made Christmas wishes before Mama died and you can’t deny they would come true.”

The love in his grandson’s eyes, and the earnestness he heard in his voice brought tears and memories of his daughter. She’d come home two years ago, bringing her two small children with her. He’d known right away she wasn’t well but he’d never thought she was dying. He’ll never forget her coming downstairs one night after putting the children to bed. She’d knelt down in front of him as he sat there reading his book and told him. “Dad I’m not going to get well. I have cancer.” He’d tried to tell her they would get her help, that there was treatment for cancer, but she’d hit with the words, “Dad it’s terminal. I’ve had two rounds of chemo and for a few months the doctors thought I was in remission. But it came back. No treatment will help me.” He’d pulled her up into his lap and held her in his arms as they’d cried together. “Will you keep Tobie and Annie here with you?”   She’d gone on to tell him the military had changed his status from missing in action to killed in action and there was no one else to care for the children. He’d promised her he would take care of them.

It’d been a hard two years for the three of them. The first Christmas was really difficult, the kids crying and saying it wasn’t Christmas without Mommie. Now with Christmas two months away Tobie and Annie came to him telling him they were writing a letter to Santa Claus asking him to bring their Daddy home to them for Christmas.  “It’s our Christmas wish.

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