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My second interview is with an author I met online.  She writes naughty novels about fetishes but they are super funny.  Her first book I wrote the following review:

Kidnapped by a Bondage Cult by Morgan Redstone

Witty and funny this story is entertaining and inventive. Redstone has created a character who sweet, daring, and honest about her fetishes. Her story is unique while still being descriptive without edging to vulgar.  This was a quick and fun read.  

Author Bio:

I was born on Feb. 29, 1980.  I live on the east coast of the United States and work in Information Technology during the day, but spend the nights trying to write the most entertaining adventure-smut I can.  

I love video games and often have a hard time dragging myself away from them to write adventure-smut, but there’s not enough smut in video games so eventually I reach a point where I need to get my fix.  My favorite is the Saints Row games by the now defunct Volition games.  I hear another company acquired the rights to that series.  I want to write the next chapters for that game.  Other games I play include MineCraft, SecondLife and Diablo III.  Nothing too surprising there, right?

also a big fan of Anime and Manga.  I have a big collection in my library and you’ll see those influences in my writing. 

Now for the questions:

1.     Tell us about yourself. 

Well, I’m Morgan Redstone.  I have a deep and vivid imagination that lends itself to writing strange and colorful stories.  I’ve chosen to use this power not for good, nor for evil, but for writing sexy things.  I became an erotica author because I enjoy writing stories that include fantasy, sci-fi or urban fiction elements, but also include a heavy dose of sex, BDSM elements and adult humor.  I couldn’t really call my writing just ‘Sci-fi’ or just ‘Urban Fantasy’ now could I?   Someone would pick it up and start reading and then their eyes would explode out of their face in a comically awful incident.

2.     When did you know you wanted to be an author?

I’ve wanted to be an author since about my first year of college.  I decided to write erotica because I couldn’t seem to find any that I really liked. It always went too far or not far enough. I know my tastes (if you’ve read my books, you know them too.) and I really wanted something that would make me happy. I wrote a few stories and posted them on the internet under a different name and at some point I’ll rewrite and publish them with Amazon. The replies and commentary for my stories was always “This is really, really creative!” and “What the hell did I just read?” Those sorts of comments make an author of weird erotica very happy indeed.

Once I started putting my works out in the world, there was no stopping the idea. I can’t stop writing erotica. It’s too much fun at this point.

3.     What genres do you like to read?  Are these the same genres you write in?

I like to read urban fantasy, traditional fantasy, horror and to a lesser extent science fiction.  My favorite authors are Patricia Briggs, Jim Butcher, Reki Kawahara, Stjepan Sejic and Mike Allen.  I like to write urban fantasy, traditional fantasy and scifi, but my horror never seems scary to me.  Maybe I’m just immune to being scared of my own stories, maybe it’s not any good.   I think I’ll stick to what I know. 

4.     Is your book for adults, young adults or children? 

*Laughs* Moving on…

5.     What is your current release or project?

I just finished a collection of my first six books that were published on Amazon as Kindle books.  The “Sisters of Silence Sexy Sextet” or SoSSS as it appears in my files, is the culmination of my work so far as an erotica author. 

I’m also currently working on a collection of short stories that are Halloween themed and want to have those out by October, 2018.

6.     Tell us about the key characters. 

The main character of the SoSSS is Nikki.  She is a kinky girl who works at a fetish themed club called the Kinky Princess.  Since she’s into latex and bondage, she gets kidnapped by a bondage nun cult called the Sisters of Silence.  They toss her to the thing that swears it’ll destroy the world if it doesn’t get appeased once a year.  That thing is Vaslarath, the other main character of the SoSSS.  He’s a tentacle/blob monster from a different reality and he eats emotions.  (The harder to produce, the more filling and delicious they are!)  Nikki and Vaslarath are very compatible so they begin the process of fusing into one being after Nikki and Vaslarath have a cosmic-grade, sexual experience.  That’s why she is the head of the cult now, she tamed the scary beast.

7.     What is your blurb or synopsis of the book?

As I started explaining, Nikki and Vaslarath begin fusing.  Other things occur around town and they start getting hunted by another woman with a strange magical mask.  Soon they’re embroiled in rescuing kidnapped girls that are being experimented on by a bad guy.  They have a few good times with each other in-between serious periods and eventually catch up with the missing girls and the baddies.  Will they survive the encounter?!  Of course they will, I like happy endings, no pun intended. 

8.     Share an excerpt (up to 800 words).   

From the Bonus book, only available in the SoSSS.  

[Nikki and Vaslarath share a body.  He’s a morphic monster that lives within her and makes clothing for her; usually sexy things or items to bind her up so he can feed off her lusty emotions.  They are currently in a small, hidden village of blob monsters on a tropical island on a different dimension and dealing with the fact that the village elder isn’t happy that Vaslarath brought humans here.]

“More humans are on their way.  Are they also friends of yours?” he said. 

“No, but we’ll go deal with ‘em for ya.”  I replied.  I figured I could tell them they went to the wrong island of blob monsters and that there were no blob monsters here.  We exited out of the glassy cave entrance and walked down the beach a ways.  Vaslarath shifted my outfit to be more like that of some kind of adventuring sailor.   Leather pants and a light airy shirt, a large floppy hat with a feather, knee high boots and a belt with a rapier and other pouches.  I pulled the rapier out. 

            “Can I actually stab someone with this?” I asked.

            “Yes, and then I’ll be poked through another person and it’ll be gross and weird.”

            I put the rapier away.  “Gotcha.” I walked down the beach until I saw them landing.  It was two women in a large, flat boat.  There was some kind of weird mechanical thing in the middle of the boat that looked like a chunky wooden man bent up uncomfortably.  I waved at them and yelled thinking they probably weren’t going to be hostile on the spot. 

            The blonde noticed me first.  She had large fox ears that perked up when I yelled and a bushy fox tail that rippled.  I think she was nervous.  She was wearing what looked like what I’d seen in an old Japanese movie, a white kimono top with red pants.  I think that meant she was some kind of priestess.  Her outfit was a little bit more complicated with threads of gold running through it that shimmered like fire when she moved. 

            The one with black hair poked some buttons on the wooden man and the boat stopped moving.  He hissed as steam erupted from somewhere and then he promptly fell over with a thunk.   She screamed and ran around doing things.  The one with the fox ears grabbed a small anchor and threw it on the beach.   She went to step out of the boat and stopped, pulling her foot back like she couldn’t get wet.   She reached down and gently touched the water and winced.  

            “Say, Honored host, could you please pull us in a bit?”  She asked.  Her voice sounded like that of an angel.  I could have just grabbed the rope with a sudden tentacle and yanked them up, but I decided to do it the hard way.  I grabbed the wet rope and pulled them up, perhaps a bit too quickly; an act which caused the black haired woman to yelp and stumble right off the boat.  I felt bad for her and went to go rescue her. 

            I pulled her out of the ocean as she sputtered and swore.  “Dammit Hoshiko!” she said “Tell me when you’re going to do something!”  She looked at me and her eyes got wide.  “Well, you’re not Hoshiko.  Uh, sorry!”

            “No, my apologies.” I said, my voice sounding weird.   I understood the words but they weren’t the ones I was speaking. “I’m the one who tried to pull your boat up.  Your friend appeared to not want to get wet.”

            “Yeah, anything under scalding is too cold for her.” She said as I helped her to shore.  When we got to dry land she pulled an ornate hair comb from her things, rubbed a pearl on it and whispered something.   A pale, lavender light circled around her and just like that she was dry, her hair was combed, her makeup was perfect and she looked like a million bucks.   Since they weren’t soaked any more I could see her robes were really a deep, deep purple. 

            “There!” she announced putting the comb away.  “That’s better.” She looked up at me.  “So hi, I’m Silky and that over there is Hoshiko.”  She pointed at the blonde who’d been having a hard time stifling a chuckle. 

            “Hi Silky,” I said.  “I’m Nikki.” And I almost added ‘And this is Vaslarath!’, but I didn’t because I’m smart.  “Nice to meet you.”

            Hoshiko gave a light bow and smiled.  “We’re on a fool’s errand to get Silky a friend.  She’s convinced this is ‘Forthgarth Island’, named after the brave and inebriated explorer who only seemed to find things that had already been found, albeit sometimes a new route to said found things.  Anyway, there are supposed to be friendly ooze monsters here who are able to store large amounts of energy that people like Silky can channel into her magic.  Seen any?”

            “Nope!” I said.  “Not-a-one.  Nope!  No blob monsters here!” I replied.

            Hoshiko blinked.  Silky cocked her head to one side.  “Say-“ she said “How did you get here?”

            “Uh.  My boat shipwrecked and I was the only survivor.”  I replied.

            “What was the name of the ship?” Silky asked.

            “Uh.” I said while my mind frantically thought of ship names. “The Neener, the Pinto and the Santa Maria!  Three ships sent to explore the world.”

            They both looked at each other and back to me.  “So why wreck here?   This is pretty close to a normal shipping lane and most of the planet has been mapped at this point.  Who funded your journey?  What dock did you leave from?”

            “Fine!” I said.  “I’m not from a shipwreck!  I came from another world!”

            Hoshiko and Silky looked at each other and back to me again.   “Your shipwreck story was more believable.” Said Silky.  “Nobody has been able to get off world in over a thousand years.” 

            “She would know that if she was from our world Silky.” Said Hoshiko.  She shrugged.  “I just don’t think she’s lying like all the other times she said anything.”

            I admit it, I’m bad at lying.  I steeled my nerves and tried for one last fib.  I put my fingers on the bridge of my nose and took a deep breath before beginning.  “Look, I didn’t want to tell you about being from a different world, but seriously, there aren’t any blob monsters here.  There’s probably not a blob monster for miles.”

      Everyone turned as something rustled in the dense underbrush.  A tiny blob monster popped right out and stared at us.  He started screaming something telepathically at everyone and we all winced.  I felt Vaslarath sigh in the back of my head.

9.     Do you have a favorite scene?

Yep.  I really like the fantasy that starts in book 2 and is most of book 4.  I also really like the rather touching scene in book 5 where Vaslarath tells Nikki that he’s fallen in love with her and I like that she reciprocates.  That’s probably a spoiler.

10.  What advice would you give a beginner?

The hardest thing about starting is dealing with judgement.  I remember writing something when I was really young and having my mother nit-pick and gripe and generally take a crap all over it.  I put down writing until I was in college and this time only let non-parents read it.  I made the mistake of letting my sister proofread it.  She tried to rewrite everything in passive voice, which I hate with a passion.  When I explained why she declared that my writing was terrible and that I was an ungrateful brat.  Protip: Close friends and spouse first.  Friends that would be interested second.  Parents and family can go buy a copy when you’re famous.

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