Motivation – or the lack of it…

Is it fall or is it summer?  We are in the time of the year where the weather is up and down.  This is great because we actually have days where the air conditioning is turned off but the flip side of that is it wreaks havoc with my arthritis.

My pain level has been higher with the weather changing so motivation is a problem.  This is why last night I curled up under a blanket and played a word game.  It was a completely unproductive night.  I probably could have done more editing but my mind and my focus was not where it should be for editing.

I’ve gone through a writing spurt where I wrote several short stories.  I finished one manuscript and started another.  I’d like to get all of them editing so I can move forward with production but editing is tricky.  I can’t just finish writing and pick it up to edit it.  I have to let it sit for a while.  Sometimes this is a day or two and sometimes it is a week or more.

I need to swap out my computer in my office.  There are tools I want to use which are on the new computer and not on my current one.  Plus I’m realizing my laptop is nearly ten years old.  While it works well, it is old.  What I want to do is shift it so I have two computers so I can do certain things on each one.  That way if one goes, the other is there for back up.  I just need to bite the bullet and do it.

If I’m going to set it up the way I want, I need to clean off my desk and rearrange.  This means I have to get motivated to clean my office.  I’ve been struggling with this for three or four years.  It might be time to stop procrastinating but you never know.  It depends on how I feel this weekend and if I can motivate myself to get the office cleaned and organized.

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