Music Sooths the Savage Beast

In my office, I generally allow student workers to pick the music so long as it is work appropriate.  I’m pretty easy when it comes to music.  I’ll listen to almost anything.  However, the last few weeks I’ve been on a kick of classical and celtic music. 

I find this music helps me focus and shut out the chaos that can reign in my office.  I’ve been struggling with the chaos.  It isn’t that the chaos is new or overwhelming.  It is more that my stress level has been high enough without the chaos. 

The change in music has helped me focus more on what needs to get done and less on the chaos.  It helps me work through all of it without becoming overwhelmed by any of it. 

Normally I’m pretty even keeled about just getting stuff done.  Now and again, something will make me grumble but generally at work I just go with the flow and handle what needs to be handled.  This summer hasn’t gone well for me in that area as I’ve had other stresses in life. 

Something as simple as changing the music I’m listening to helps me get more balanced and centered.  This puts me back in a good place at work and keeps me from strangling people (mostly) or grumbling at my student workers which they appreciate.

I’ve also noticed when I’m writing that I like to have classical music going.  It is background noise mostly.  I listen to Pandora through the Roku and I’ll notice the same song being played and become annoyed.  Then I have to remind myself that the last time I heard it was two or three hours previously.  When I get to this point, I usually turn the music off but that is also a good signal that it might be time for me to quit writing – especially if it is around midnight.

Music helps me to smooth out the rough edges of my day and cope with anything thrown at me.  It is an equalizer for me in maintaining my balance.

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