New Cover – Wild Magic

Cover Design by Sweet ‘N Spicy

If you’ve been wandering my site, you may have notice Wild Magic has a new cover! Sweet ‘N Spicy designed the new cover!

Wild Magic has gone through more than a face lift – it’s gotten a new edit and blurb. So this one has had a full makeover.

Don’t worry Mallory, Leland, and the rest are there, I went through several times and found things which needed cleaning up.

Now Wild Magic 2 has been out of my head and into the computer but I’m working on edits. In my head it was always WM2 but I have a name! Hostile Magic

There’s no blurb yet but the tag line is Family – can’t pick ’em, can’t kill ’em Or can you?

I hope to have this one out in the next month but I’ll be doing a cover reveal soon. Sweet ‘N Spicy made a LOVELY cover for it and I’m really excited about it.

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