New Edition to the Family

Virginia and Stephanie have adopted a new kitten.  Her name is Gus Gus or GG for short.  She is eight weeks old and ADORABLE. 
Moo Shoo, their current one year old cat, seems to love her already.  He is letting her eat his food and play with his toys.  He doesn’t seem to be objecting at all to the new kitten.  The girls say he is slightly confused by her size – probably because he is used to bigger cats. 
GG on the other hand has been hissing at him but it sounds more like a huff then a hiss.  Also she seemed to know her own mind quite well.  Perhaps she will be dominant and Moo Shoo will be submissive – only time will tell. 
There is a new baby in the family.  Good luck to my girls with this one and hopefully the transition goes smoothly!

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