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Circle Magazine came out while I was gone to Georgia.  I wasn’t surprised to see an envelope with it in when I got back.  I knew one of my articles was in it.  I was pleasantly surprised to find they had also published two of my poems in it.  I’ve listed them on my Credits page if you are looking for the titles.

It felt good to take my copy in to work and show some of my co-workers my accomplishment.  One of my student workers asked me a question which had me going well duh.  She asked if the magazine was nationally published. 
I’ve been in published in Circle for a while now.  It always feels good to be in such a nice magazine and to see my work in print.  I never thought about it quite that way before.  When I say – I’ve been published in a nationally published magazine – that sounds so accomplished I guess. 
I hadn’t thought that my affiliation with Circle and the magazine could be looked at that way until my student worker pointed it out to me.  I’ll take the boost to my morale this gave me but try to stay humble because I’m still getting a lot of rejections. 

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